Soon to be V6 Owner


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Jul 18, 2010
Hi all, Craig here and hoping to have a V6 auto soon!
Just sold our Volvo S40 auto and once my old MR2 goes I'll be looking to buy an auto V6:)
Always preferred manuals but better half is learning to drive and I need something with a bit go so I'm hoping the V6 auto will be the ideal dual purpose vehicle we need :D
Anyway happy to be here and no doubt I will be picking your brains soon!
Cheers, Craig
Thanks for the warm welcome, site looks great!
Just thought I'd add (if it's OK) I will be looking to spend up to 1k, I know it may be a longshot but hoping for X pack in black or silver if at all possible,
anyone knows of a decent example let me know thanks :)
hi craig, welcome to the club, as stated earlier, there is a few owners in durham, me in sunderland, you will find one around your budget price, just be patient and dont jump in , mine is manual, but there are quite a few autos on the forum, owners will be able to advise you better, (y)
Hi Craig, just got my cat this week, loving it and loving this site! Do your research and I'm sure you'll find something to suit you both.

Welcome to the forum mate, as previously said take your time and get a good one, you should be able to find an X pack for your budget. Hope you get a good one, i'm sure one of the lads up by you will be more than happy to look over a car with you as they will already know what to look out for (y)
Thanks guys, looks like I came to the right forum :cool:

@Chrissypoo thanks for that link I'll check it out today (y)

@Wogans_Wig are there any meets happen up here often?

@PussyGalore nice name ;)
Welcome to Craig, you shouldn't have too many probs finding a cat for around the budget you have in mind, happy hunting.(y)
Hi Craig, and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Good luck with your search (y)
Update: I'm now the proud owner of a V6 frosty, took no pictures as yet but heres the link from which I bought the car -
Got it for £860 in the end as I need to apply for the V5 and it has a couple of tiny issues that I'll need to sort.
Car has 6 months T&T on it and was only 10 miles away from me so I'm happy with the deal I got (y)
Will be subscribing very soon :)
That sounds like a bit of a bargain, well done to you Sir! What are the issues that need sorting? I'm sure you'll find the know how on here, whatever it/they may be.
That sounds like a bit of a bargain, well done to you Sir! What are the issues that need sorting? I'm sure you'll find the know how on here, whatever it/they may be.
Thanks :)
Issues are the aircon needs recharge,brakes don't seem to be great (although from memory of all the mondeos I've owned thats normal), batteries in remote need replaced and the miles remaining on the computer displays less than actual distance left.
Nothing major thankfully!
Well done on your purchase check pads and discs a lot of people use inferior quality pads get some Ferodo or Mintex pads and if your feeling brave upgrade to goodridge braided hoses these will help to firm the pedal. Also remember brake fliud has alife span and is seldom changed so could be an option!
Welcome to This is the cougar owners manual and allround madhouse.