Stripey Cougar



Well I went down to my sticker man yesterday to get the side stripes measured up and made, to cover the damage on the passenger side.

We came up with this, and i think it goes pretty well, nothing too "in your face". The little Cougar logo mid stripe works well I think. Also gave her a clean too.


I do like those look very nice, think I would have had a little more curve on the end near the wheel arch end tho to mimic the curve of the wheel arch.

Looks very factory tho could almost be an optional extra!, was the damage bad that you arte covering then?

I will agree in those pics the curve doesnt look like it matches the wheel arch (might just be my dodgy camera work haha) but it actually does.

Yea the damage was pretty bad, looked like someone had backed into it pretty hard before I bought it. The paint had chipped off and had really long scratches along the side. You can still see the dent that they've tried to pull out as the paint is cracked slightly. Its a shame as it was the only bad bit on a really nice condition car.

Thankfully my carefully sculpted stripe hides 90% of it :)
Well I think that it looks well good Andy - seems to follow the line of the wheel arch OK to me (y)

Might even think of something like that for mine - got a bit of damage of my own to cover up :(
It cost me £40 fitted, so I was pretty happy with that seeing as he designed it there and then.
Liking it Andy, nice one mate. As has already been said by JJ - looks "factory", doesn't look out of place at all. Great price too. I have a few ideas for mine, but want to get my rear arch fixed first.