sunny day , timefor pics


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Jul 29, 2007
South coast in a cougar
well its been sunny all weekend so i took our cars in to our village and took a couple of pics for you to see :smile5:








and yes the ST24 is the one i paid ?ú150 last year LOL
because i have a ST 200 Airbox and i liked the badge :ihih: and yes your proberly refering to the wheels , hopefuly Tony "topcat" is going to help me out there :yesnod: and ive got a 30mm drop kit to go on when i have a spare few hours :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Anyhow paul you know you want a badge too :D:D:D
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Looking good there Lotty - that kits really sets your coug off nicely - still looks ok with the standard alloys too (y)
its a ST200 LIM and a ported and polished UIM taken out to the same dimensions as the ST200 , gasflowed and acid cleaned for total removal of any crud or metal residue , and its a polished throttle body
How was it ported? This is very difficult to do. Id suspect someone has used a dremel close to the openings/outlets to make it look bigger but it will probably taper smaller inside about 1cm in???
Im hoping not though because it would be cool to actually make one larger.
mate please dont insult me :( , i worked for ford motorsport for 10 years and i still have a few friends that are in the business , this item was sent to Paul Roberts from Rouse motorsport (Andy Rouse BTCC) Were he worked his magic and a few weeks later it was delivered back to me ready to fit :smile5: , i dont know how much of a power increase this has given my cougar but it is a lot smoother and has a more agressive kick in the arse at around 3400 rpm than any other cougar ive driven :yesnod: , im sure if you want the exact process Paul would be more than happy to answer in a e mail or even possibly in a post here , if he has 5 mins lol.
On a different forum we were trying to sort out a open day in the Rouse motorsport workshop , this idea seemed to fall flat on its butt , only a few people were intersted :frown2: which was a shame as it was a very good oppurtunity to get some cars looked at buy some pro tecs and run there rolling road :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod::yesnod: