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The Cake


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Sep 11, 2004
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The cake is baking as I write out this post, without it being stupidly complicated, I am looking for inspiration for an image to put on the cake, it has to be something very basic as it would be piped onto the cake by hand.

what about one of phils bonnet scoops?................................

coats already on..................
gets my vote! :LOL:

sorry dar had to remove pic as when clicked redirects to porn site
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Mercury logo?? or a portrait of KSL lmao


Funnily, to not be self indulgent at all I was gonna suggest the outline of the front of my car as it'd be different! Or for once Rich, do a side outline of La Cagna!! Or an outline of the frosty's front and La Cagna's arse end side by side with the number plates reading HIS and HERS??
How about a side on view of a Cougar or would that be too complicated?

If I can get a line drawing from an owners manual, I may give that a go, I've done the cougar head logo twice and front & rear once each so I will look in the manual and see if there's a simple drawing that I could copy.