The car's home, so here's a few pic's!


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May 11, 2008
Well finally got the car back today, 15 days, it seemed a lot longer! My ST170 calipers arrived this morning, I'm going to refurb them and once I've got the new discs and pads I'll fit them and at the same time take the st200 alloys in for a full refurb and to have my new tyres fitted. Not much to show on the calipers, but here they are sat in the box!:


I'm going to stick my old 17" Wolfrace alloys on ebay shortly, here's what they look like, if anyone's interested pm me and I'll provide details:


Now here's a few of the car, it was raining when I brought it home, so not justice in the pic's, but I can assure you it is mint. I will clean it proper tomorrow and if the sun is shining I will post a load more pics. (Note they've stuck the st200 badge in the wrong place and have not put the Cougar logo back on the back as they wern't sure if I wanted it on! But they have prep'ed the letters ready with new doublesided tape. Do I want to stick em back on and if I do, do I put them in original location or what??). Anyway here's a sneak preview:







I also need to see one of Alan's rear trims in the flesh, so I can make my mind up if I should fit one? Anyone in Warrington area want to show me?

More to follow tomorrow....


That looks a real top job Ste, i bet your chuffed with the smell of new paint :) .
I'm almost tempted to say " is that a dent in the boot lid or just a light reflection?" :nono::LOL:

Anyway, just give me the nod when your ready for lower panel, or hang on a little while longer, i have a couple of grilled designs i'm working on :idea:

I'm in Manchester, have the lower trim and its in black. If you want to see it let me know.

I take it you've had a new paint job - how much?
Looking forward now to popping over Ste, fantastic job there bud....Nice one.

When i come over i will throw some bird poo on it just to finish it off lol:nono::nono::nono::smile5::smile5:

I can make it possibly Friday, if not one day next week.

It looks superb Ste. Why couldn't Fraud make something like this from the start! :mad5:

Glad they sorted the bonnet edge out for you.

Will there be any original bits left on the car when you have finished? :LOL:
I might be tempted for an ST200 badge on each front wing or on the 1/4 panels where the arch meets the sill, about 2" up and 2" in? Other than that, that truly is some remarkable work you've put into that car and all credit to you mate, she's a stunner. Be sure to join the social group...........:)
Looking at the TIS for something completely unrelated and found this, and thought it might interest some of the ST guru's amongst our fold :yesnod:


Car and Light/Medium Commercial 03.08.2000

Section: 100-00 (00)

Model: Cougar 2000 MY

Markets: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Subject: Introduction of the Cougar ST200


The new Cougar ST200 is introduced in this bulletin. It contains information on service literature and vehicle systems and describes new components.

Please familiarize yourself with this new information to make sure that a high level of customer service is provided.

Ford Cougar ST200

Technically, the chassis, powertrain and the electrical/electronic systems of the Cougar ST200 are based on the Mondeo ST200 (see TSB 29/1999).

l Modified 2,5l Duratec-VE 24V engine producing 147 kW (200 PS)

l Modified intake manifold, larger throttle valve housing with opening parabola

l New air cleaner housing with additional intake channel

l Rear stiffener frame

l Modified exhaust system with reduced exhaust back-pressure, start up catalytic converters and underbody catalytic converters

l Lighter flywheel with reinforced clutch

l Special EEC V calibration in order to conform with the level II and D4 emissions standard

l Special alarm system (as Mondeo ST200) (only for UK)

l Revised gear ratio in 5th gear

l Sports seats with fabric/leather upholstery and side airbags

l Modified fuse box

Pre-delivery inspection

A thorough pre-delivery inspection by the Dealer is extremely important.

This is only possible through use of the pre-delivery checksheet.

l The checksheet must be used for every pre-delivery inspection.

l The work must be carried out methodically, step by step.

l A thorough road test must be carried out.

l All problems encountered must be rectified before the vehicle is handed over to the customer.

l Before handover of the vehicle, the sales department new/used vehicle handover check list must be completed with the customer.

Publications available for the Cougar ST200 Finis Code

Product Introduction TN7002083S (Mondeo ST200) CG 7803

Supplement to the existing Owner's Handbook (except Germany) CG 3351

Wiring Diagrams CG 1655

All new repair instructions will be included in the next update of the Service Microfiche/TIS
-CD. The revised labour times for the affected operations will be included in the next update of
the Labour Times Schedule.

Early Warning Process

(Only for Germany and UK)

The objective of the Early Warning Process is to provide the fastest possible feedback of customer concerns to the Plant Vehicle Teams (PVTs) and to provide customers with a resolution to the concerns during the first 180 days of public sale of a new model or major new features. It is therefore imperative that all concerns, including pre-delivery concerns, in the first 180 days are reported through an Express Service Report (ESR). This ESR must be submitted by all Dealers to the Service Department of the local Ford office as soon and in as much detail as possible. All ESRs will be consolidated and analysed centrally.


l Customer - Concern.

l Dealer - Immediate notification.

l Technical Service - Data collection/analysis.

l Product Development/Manufacturing - Develop corrective measures.

l Technical Service - Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)/Online Automatic Service Information System (OASIS) message.

l Dealer - Repairs.

The ESR process is used to make sure that the Product Development and Manufacturing departments are NOTIFIED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE about all customer concerns.

It is essential that the ESR is submitted to the Technical Service department with as much DETAIL as possible so that the customer concern can be properly investigated.

For purposes of electronic data gathering, it is important that a SEPARATE ESR is filled out for EVERY vehicle.

Corrective measures for customer concerns can only be developed promptly if the ESR system is used.

Important technical features of the individual vehicle components

This bulletin only describes the new features and the differences as compared with the Mondeo ST200.

204-04 Wheels and tyres

The 17 x 7 inch wheels on the Cougar ST200 and the Mondeo ST200 are NOT interchangeable. The holes for the wheel studs are different.

The 17 x 7 inch wheels are equipped with 215/45 ZR17 tyres. The tyre pressures are 2.4 bar for the front and 1.8 bar for the rear. For three or more occupants the tyre pressures are 2.4 bar front and 2.8 bar rear.

With 195/60 R 15 winter tyres, the tyre pressures are 2.3 bar front and 2.0 bar rear, when normally laden. For more than three occupants the tyre pressures are 2.4 bar front and 2.8 bar rear.

The 15 x 4 inch emergency wheel is equipped with a T125/90 R 15 tyre with 4.2 bar inflation pressure. If a spare wheel is used which has a different size (whether wheel or tyre) from the wheels usually installed, special driving precautions must be adhered to. For further information refer to the current Owner's Manual.

303-14 Engine Management

The powertrain control module (PCM) of the Cougar ST200 is NOT interchangeable with that of the Mondeo ST200.

502-00 Stressed Skin Body, Frame and Mounting System

In order to achieve the performance specifications for this vehicle, a stiffener frame has been incorporated between the rear suspension strut mountings. It is joined to the luggage compartment floor using additional reinforcement plates and brackets.

The stiffener frame MUST NOT be removed. Removal may affect the driving characteristics/directional stability of the vehicle, and also lead to leaks and rattling noises at the reinforcement plate and bracket attachment points.

Rear stiffener frame

Item Description

1 Rear stiffener frame with diagonal braces

2 Luggage compartment reinforcements

700-02 Battery junction box

From 1999.75 MY, a universal battery junction box has been installed on all Mondeo and Cougar vehicles.

This universal battery junction box offers more connection positions for option dependent relays or fuses. Depending on the vehicle equipment level however, ONLY the necessary/specific connection positions are used. For further information, refer to the current wiring diagrams, which will be available soon.

Technical Data and Specifications

Engine data

Engine 2.5l Duratec-VE engine (ST200)

Power kW (PS) 147 (200) at 6700 rev/min

Max. torque (EEC) 235 Nm at 5500 rev/min

Engine code MABB

Cubic capacity 2495 cm (3)

Stroke 79.5 mm

Bore 81.66 mm

Compression ratio 10.25 : 1

Engine speed limiting at 6925 rev/min

Idle speed rev/min 725 ?? 50

Firing order 1-4-2-5-3-6

Spark plugs (Motorcraft) AWSF22FS

Spark plug gap 1.37 mm

Ignition system Electronic ignition

Valve Clearance Valve clearance adjustment via
hydraulic tappets

Engine oil filter (Motorcraft) FL 820


Engine 2.5l Duratec-VE engine (ST200)

Engine oil Litres

- including filter 5.85

- excluding filter 5.0

Coolant (litres) incl. heater 9.7

Manual transmission (litres) (ESD-M2C186-A) 1.9

Power-assisted steering (WSA-M2C195-A) to the MAX mark

Brake/clutch fluid [Motorcraft-Super DOT 4 (ESD-M6C57-A)] to the MAX mark

Cooling system (litres) (vehicles with orange coolant, 50% 9.5
water + 50% Motorcraft coolant concentrate Super Plus 2000)

Lubricants/fluids - Specifications

Component Designation Required viscosity Required
(recommended) specification

Engine Formula E SAE 5W-30 WSS-M2C913-A WSS

Power-assisted steering - - WSA-M2C195-A

Brake/clutch system Motorcraft Super DOT 4 - ESD-M6C57-A

Cooling system - - WSS-M97 B44D

Tyre pressures (cold tyres) (bar)

Tyre pressure Normal load Full load

front rear front rear

2.4 1.8 2.4 2.8

Steering geometry

2.5l Duratec-VE engine (ST200)

Toe-in, left/right (?©) 0 ?? 0.25?© (0 ?? 015')

Total toe (?©) 0 ?? 0.5?© (0 ?? 30')

Camber* - 0.61?© ?? 1.38?©

Caster** 2.52?© ?? 1.1?©

* Maximum difference between left and right 1?©15' ** Maximum difference between left and right

Tightening torques

Component Nm

Wheel nuts 128

A/C compressor retaining bolts 25

A/C dehydrator to subframe 11

Steering gear to subframe 130

Subframe to body 130

Front engine mounting 83

Front engine roll restrictor to subframe 48

?? Stabiliser bracket 55

Front exhaust pipe to manifold 40

Exhaust manifold to cylinder head 20

Driveshaft stub axle nut 340

Spark plugs 14

Cylinder head cover to cylinder head 10

Engine lifting eye 112

Oil baffle plate to sump 10

Oil drain plug 26

Oil cooler to cylinder block 57

Sump to lower crankcase 25

Headlamp setting value

Setting % /cm/m

Headlamp setting value "X" 1.2% = 12 cm/10 m

NOTE: Headlamp basic setting must only be done with the headlamp levelling system switch set to
Good find Alan, the only reference to st200 I've ever found on TIS is under Mondeo and even then, not much!