The Cougars replacement


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Apr 26, 2005
Nr Evesham Worcestershire
As some of you will remember i sold the Cougar due lack of use (now in Ria's safe hands (y))

Well the big plan was to get back into boating after a 30 year gap !!

Anyway found this old crate sitting in a boat yard feeling pretty neglected but after 3 weeks of bloody hard graft she scrubbed up damn good and ready for launch Sunday. Has been bit of a money pit but though she (now he ) deserved it.
Never had a river boat before, my last boats were speed/ski boat when i was a lad (and before i found a wife) last one sold for the house deposit :(

Nice moorings down my local riverside boozer as well :beer:

Take care all.




I'm jealous Rich. (S)he looks fantastic. Had a couple of holidays boating down the Broads and really enjoyed them. If (S)he was a shed when you got it you have obviously done a top job of restoring her :beer:
very nice boat, looking nice and homely.
one of my mates is into boats and really makes me want to get into it too.
not sure I'd get rid of the cat to do it though :)
Hey up lads...aint that a caravan for the water? lol Nice one Rich....but not really a replacement for the Coug, as far as I'm aware Cats don't like water! lol Hope you have lots of fun out on the water.
You've done a great job of making her look ship shape Rich. When you have a chance to get her launched photographic proof requiring of your cruising the waters! :):)
(Nancy) I'm Jealous! We went sailing a lot as kids - my Dad was boat mad and had a few, can we be cheeky and ask how much you paid for it, could be something we might think about (y)
No probs, they were asking £3300 but had reduced it to £3000. The engine was a bit small and very old so put a cheeky offer of £2400 which after a week they accepted. Newer Honda 10hp outboard was £500 but the marina i bought it through have a buyer for the original for £300.
The trailer was £750 as will overwinter it on my drive. And around £500 sprucing it up.
So with insurance (£99) and Avon navigation licence (£131) will be on the river for around 4 grand.

Even wired a 200 watt stereo in so the ducks are in for a shock !