the mods begin


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Jul 17, 2009
After touching up scratches and stonechips for nearly 3 weeks i finaly got started on my mods,first to go was the fried eggs-
then:- painted my dash
new gear knob and pedals
cougar head decals in rear side windows
new mesh grills
cougar (ford) front and rear
painted mud flaps
K and N filter
painted engine and plastic cover
added a bit of engine bling also gave engine bay a bloody good clean.

wheels and shelby stripes next on the list
got a grin on my face every time i drive it-:
fingers crossed that it lasts cos it looks really cool, fair sets the inside off.
Looking good dude (y) - don't know how you fit it all in as it seems to be permanently pi**ing down round here :(.

Reminds me that I need to get up off my lardy a**e and get on with my own mods :yesnod:.

Cheers :D.
just had 18 days holiday, wifes going mad cos we didnt go away never mind back to work tues for a bit of peace-lol
Nice work Mikey - looking great, so you've just spent your holiday time emptying the wallet and getting ear ache from the missus. Sounds like a normal holiday then! lol :LOL::LOL:
great looking burple cougar cant wait to see after you do the wheels and stripes job:smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin: