Thundercat - The Movie (Or maybe I should say B Movie)


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Sep 9, 2004
Chichester - Well....close enough!
My mate eventualy found the very VERY little bit of filming I did of my car, so yesterday I knocked up this little movie.

I've never made a film before so I know it's not brilliant. I know I wont be winning any Oscars and yes the video footage isn't exactly brilliant or exciting, but there you go.

When I filmed this (legal disclaimer "I wasn't driving" :angel: ) I had already struck a deal with the buyer, thus the car was not to be redlined or thrashed. It was still plenty quick enough you will probably agree.

Hope you enjoy it...(and I hope the link works)
I think that is a fitting tribute. I think it gives the image of the car that should have been in a way :)
Do i miss it????????

Hmmmmmmmmm......right road at the right time...yes....
Looks? Always unless I looked at it very closely.

Would I do it again?? Bodykit yes, just fitted and sprayed by a better bodyshop. No lambo doors and silly boot install (notice there were no photos of the boot install in the film).

Engine Whilst i would like a more powerfull motor, mine was stretched to the max which meant it was awefull to drive from cold and averaged 15mpg on super plus.
I would be happy with ST200 mods, headers and sports exhaust with a remap and try and achieve 250bhp N/A

My biggest regret is simply the fact it was never finished and what parts were finished, were not up to the standard they should have been. You can even see missing interior trim from my photo shoot. Appaling realy.

Hey chapter starting soon with my new car and whilst it will never be as wild as Thundercat, at least it wont bankrupt me and stress me out up to my eyeballs !
Even tho you say it wasn't finished, i've always thought that was the most gorgous looking Cougar i've ever seen pics of. I wish i'd seen it in the flesh.

Great vid too Paul (y)
Love the pick up on it Paul just goes when you put the throttle down it's a real shame how it ended up you deserved so much to get the vision you asked for after the years of waiting (literally!!) even unfinished it was still a great looking car.

Hope the new one lives up to the expectations and you finally get a car that is as you want it to be.

I was always very curious what the thundercat was capable of and watching the excellent video it DID NOT DISSAPOINT. I would have loved to see it in the flesh I remember the article distinctly and thinking thats a sweet motor before I ever contemplated getting a cougar myself many thanks Paul.
Having seen this car in the flesh i can only vouch for its unique quality, best Ford conversion ever IMHO Paul, an absolute credit to you...:)