to much time on my hands


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Apr 8, 2009
as you know iam in the process of doing the black cat up and in no hurry to do it,so since iam off ill at the moment iam bored sensless so decided to start cleaning up the suspension and other bits so have taken some pics for you to see how sad iam lol




nearly there


even the strut top mounting/bearing gets serviced

and finished product

spot the difference

unfortunaley i couldnt get yellow caliper paint yesterday or they would have been done to:eek:ut: yes ive fliped it lol
cheers paul iam going to give it all a few coats of clear laquer once ive painted everything, i used a zinc primer to prevent rusting and just a basic black satin top coat,iam practising on this car if it turns out good i will do my blurple one too.will need to goto another halford to get my yellow caliper paint though as i want it in a spray can,will be better to get into all the nooks and crannies and the springs are powder coated
cheers jamie and thats a 10 year old strut and spring scrub well along with the hub carrier once the caliper is done the front subframe will be getting same treatment
well what can i say after using a electric sander wire brush drill attachments the hub and strut were easy just dont the caliper and slider a tad bit more difficult just need to paint them now
its only a rug to protect my solid wood flooring lol and anyway i do the housework but just not today lol

Yeh I believe you!! You probably have a Dyson then. All men luv a Dyson - that guy deserves a sainthood. :yesnod:
All he needs to do now is invent an iron that attracts men in the same way and he'll never go hungry again:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
yes i have a dyson a gift from my mother and i dont iron my clothes if you fold them the right way in tumble dryer they dont need ironed and stop it before i loose any credabilty i had lol