today I have mostly been......


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Jul 22, 2010
Nr Eastbourne, East Sussex
...taking delivery of the below items....

and inbetween and during rain, fitting them....
I was in 2 minds about the centre caps but I felt the fresh set would offset them better IMO...and was unsure about the mudflaps but the cr@p that was showing up along the side and lower bumper was annoying me. the rears were a pain as the bumper popper is a screw and wouldn't unscrew...but they are secure enough without them for now.



I'm pleased with the overall result - this is how I visualised it and aside from a heated screen, this is how it will be staying.

Next week it goes in for a few jobs; new front discs and pads (genuine Ford discs for £35, pads for £24(y)), new offisde front wheel bearing, drop link and CV boot:sleep:
"this is how it will be staying" ha ha, when I bought my Cat, I was only planning to do a few engine mods, to make it quicker. New wheels, front splitter, rear spoiler, brake light mask, cougar heads on the wings, short shift, and speed hut dials later, I still have more engine mods to do. Don't kid yourself, you'll do more to make your Cat your's yet. ;)

BTW, looking good so far Tiff. (y)
adjust the bonnet slam panel stops today, so the bonnet sits properly and follows the lines from the wings better...

cleaned out the **** from under the headlamp seals too, although will have to take out the nearside one to do fully
You have to have owned one to appreciate how good looking the C2 is.....and yes I own one ;) as someone said before* the Cougar lends itself well to multi-spoke alloys, I'd get some myself if I had the cash, and like the rest have said ..."famous last words"....I haven't finished yet either, some more mods to come in time.


Looking great there tiff, I too am looking at getting the mudflaps as getting fed up with the **** from the roads ending up on my front and rear wings, but will be painting mine the same colour as the car and get a nice gloss finish. Anyway your C2 is looking cool - liking those alloys.