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May 16, 2005
Latest Spy shots (okay okay it took me a bit to finally get them posted!) taken whilst hijacking a secret american satellite link....

This message will self destruct in two and a half million years



the sheep here could be classed as depressed and apt to suicide :(
ok mate

yeah right:ihih:its not yours:hand:

what u do in ur own private time is your business:eek:ut:lol
Na kully was very happy to show me his plans for Cougar domination, just under pain of death (or is that deaf?) if I told anyone else. I'm not sure on the interior though, he was most secretive about that, although I did have some pointers. JJ also gave me some secret info, but on that note i'm staying stum!
your just teasing everyone,theres going to be someone waiting to grab you and interogate you.we have ways of making you talk:eek6:
Its Alan Pollard who will have to worry, now he's leaked these pics Kully will have to kill him, like all great Bond Villans there has to be a victimx who pays the ultimate price for their actions
I can see him now "Ah Mr Pollard we've been expecting you"
"JJ see that some harm comes to him Muuhhaaah "