Top Secret Project Almost Completed...


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Sep 9, 2004
Here you go peeps! I've had this done to my car a week or so now, and i was going to wait till it was 100% completed and finished, but i cant wait any more!!!

Still to be done:

Lowering - Rear lights lacqurered - Rear Spoiler fitted - Rear Razzi Rears fitted - 2nd pin-strip line to be added to sides of the car.




Love it, nice to see some different styles now, Love the wheels also (can i have them? pretty please? :LOL: ) , If you don't mind me asking? if that was a spray job how much did it set you back? as i am looking for a rough guide as the guy that was going to do mine has now left his job and has no way of doing it...:mad2:
Alex, as ever comes up with original ideas, remember the car bra :ihih: not entirely my cup of tea but looks like a job well done, would like to see it in the flesh. (y)
It's sprayed, a Honda grey metallic currently used on the accord range!

Thanks for the comments!!

Phill you loved the car bra!!! Still got it!
Very impressed Alex - looking really good and liking the "Honda" grey - really suits the Coug - looking forward to seeing the whole car completely finished.
Looks good Alex, it must have been my Photoshops that got you kick-started ;), didn't want me stealing your thunder. Nice contrast with the bonnet.

AL: you not seen my "Project 2010" pics (that ironicaly Alex Photoshop'd) Pin-stripes are making a comeback (y)