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I meant painting her green TC, I wouldn’t but she is yours so your colour choice.
She is a beauty and I don’t doubt a pleasure to ride, I’d love one if I had the room.
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One of the design engineers who used to work at my place, legged it over to Triumph at Hinckley a while back, so i did the usual and pestered him for info on the new bus, and getting a 2nd key sorted.
He did a bit of rummaging for me and came up with these little gems......



Absolutely gobsmacked, as not only has it hardly been frightened or run in, but the previous owner only had it from july last year and did about 200 miles on it from last service!!! 😲 😲😲 also said he paid £7200 for it........... which i obviously didn't 😁😁😁😁👌:cool: Happy days, no wonder the bloody oil was still clean lol
Well that's that, the Big Blue Dirty DRX has found itself a new home, which funnily enough turned out to be a septic at Lakenheath who works in the shop next to my mate :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: so he'll get to see it on a regular basis lol
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On the other side of the garage I managed to knock up a pair of paddock stand bobbins and wire in a charge lead on the Thruxton, so all in all a succesful day (and all this while suffering from a head cold since yesterday) lol so heatings back on for a bit :confused:
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