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Jul 1, 2009
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:giggle:OK,OK tried to find post on how to post pics of my cougar onto pics but failed as i will admit i,m totally useless on the pewter:LOL:I managed to get pic onto photobucket but hit a brick wall on what to do next:cry:can any body please direct me on what next to do as i think its time i got them up on the forum so in plain english pls :LOL:
Upload pics to your PC.

Log on to Photobucket and set up bulk uploader.

Tell Photobucket which file of pictures to upload and it will then upload a whole lot at a time.

Put them into an album on Photobucket.

When you then put your mouse 'arrow' over a photobucket picture you will get a drop down with a variety of codes for URLs etc. Right click on IMG code and copy it.

When you then do your message on the forum paste the code in - it will just come up as a code at this stage. Once you have finished your message, if you want to see what it looks like with the pictures in it, click preview and it will come up with your message with the pictures in it. If you are happy with it - post.

Simples (y)

PS I have the forum running on one tab and photobucket on another - I can then copy an IMG code and go back to the forum and paste it and then back to photobucket to get another one etc etc.
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when you have your pics downloaded into botophucket, resize them to something similar to 640 x 480. Once thats done double click on each individual photo so it comes up full size, then right click and press copy.

in this bit, where you write text, paste the picture and hey presto
What they said BUT under the "upload pics" button on photobucket click on the 'more options' link and we have ours set at 15" screen 800 x 600 - that way you won't have to resize them every time, this only works on future uploads though.

Also to copy the link press ctrl and c and to paste ctrl and v (y) (y)