UH park and ride



I found Jamudo86's cougar so took a few pics, shame I couldn't get the space next to him and I had some guy in a Volvo giving me strange looks so couldn't get more








looks beautiful in real life, really nice condition! id try to ignore that he had no idea i would be there or taking pics, and mine had just travelled 200 miles in the rain lol, apologies for any dirtiness!
Haha you found me in my usual parking space and on a clean day aswell! Few scrapes and scratches to be sorted hopefully next month...

Yours looks very tidy too! (y)

Must say it was good fun there last week in the snow... :wink5:
Thanks mate! yeah, caught you right at the end, nearly went passed. mine was luckily still quite clean from the crazy wash id given it the week before

The park and ride turned into the park and slide i hear! i went to asda that first snowy night, we took 2 focus' and an escort! was hilarious!

side clear reapeters will looks sweet, and try some quixx on your scratches, if any are left, touch them up and re quixx them, does wonders that stuff, i did a post about a year ago showing it on mine, it took out most of the scratches in the pics i put up, then i infilled the deeper ones and they are invisible now :)

hopefully ill catch you again, maybe get a picture of how dirty they are from all the grit salt lol
Its university of hertfordshire :) although great find on the website, thats all new to me and not our park and ride either lol. we have purple uno buses and its on a new build. its just off jct2 of the a1 - its all thats there basically lol http://www.unobus.info/pdfs/stanpandrcc.pdf
Yeah one big car park in the middle of nowhere!

When did you take those photos? I only cleaned mine for the first time in about 6weeks today so must have been a while ago?

Will try out that quixx stuff - main thing is where its been keyed all down the passenger door and rear wing...ruddy annoying but should hopefully come up nicely

Will no doubt see you there at some...
was a while back but didnt have any way of getting the pics off my phone, was before christmas i think

mine so desperately needs a wash, got loads of new products to test out but no time lol.

i had key marks all down the rear wing too and a lot of scratches down the doors etc from neglectful previous owners.

the quixx is great so lon gas they arent deep but the instructions are easy and definately work :)

ill have a look out for you again, dont suppose you could pm your timetable or something, see if we clash at all?
Haha awesome, look out for a green one in the park and ride next week! (Mine). The snow was awesome wasnt it?!!
tws, we've seen your there before, never realised you were on here!!!!!
try parking right near the exit with j, and ill try head down when i can

could we try pm'ing our timietables?
Me in a green cougar? Cant have been...I havnt picked it up yet! You might have seen a dodgy gold mondeo rattling around, that would actually be me.

Il be down there next week definately, cant say I have seen one in the car park before though? Saw one in WGC that was dark green and one in tescos car park today!
ahh i see, there is a green one in teh car park but only seen it a couple of times. assumed it was you. ill look out for ya when you get it :)

there are a few around hatfield and a guy on my course has a lowered silver c1 too
Yeah I've seen a green 2l C1 around a couple of times

Also seen a modified silver C1 - alloys, dropped, exhaust, cougar badges - behind the engine lab at the uni - is that your mates one sc9ar?
yeah, the silver one is chris's, he's a friend of a friend, i dont actually know him as such. but looks nice lowered i think.
TWS - assume thats your green C2 there today?! I parked next to you...took a couple of photos - will upload them tonight when I get back from uni. :)

Must say does look like a tidy one...2 C2's in a row...rare sight eh?! :wink5: (y)