Christmas Night Out Photos and Video



Sorry for the poor quality, they were all taken on my mobile.

Just to start it off though, Neil, as always, great night thank you.

Bob and Maz doing, well, what Bob and Maz do!!

And again, Bob and Maz



I'm sure some quality pics will be coming soon!!

Edit: Can't figure out why Photobucket is cutting the audio off, any ideas?
A very enjoyable weekend, pity we forgot the camera but at least you all had a chance to get your own back with some dodgy shots of me, i'll be back! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Thanks Neil for the effort organising it and thanks everybody for making the weekend so enjoyable for both of us. :D
Rich, you just know this is going to be re-posted time and again!! Lol

Shame those videos are playing slow & there's no audio, the one of me & Bob is so funny :LOL: :LOL:

I had a great laugh & a fantastic time. It was really good to see old friends again & to meet new members :D

A big thank you to Neil for all your hard work organising another successful event :D
Thanks Neil for organising the event It provided an opportunity to meet some of the members who all made feel really welcome and it felt like I'd known them for years. So all you Cougar Meet Virgins GET INVOLVED it's fun and you'll meet some lovely people.
sorry i wasnt there folks.

kinda got caught up in the flogging the house crap :(

Although I felt I was there in a way with all your lovely texts of support :LOL:

Glad you all had a great time
Wicked pics!! I'll sort mine out and get them on tomorrow hopefully. Thanks to Neil for sorting out another great sesh!! Sorry we couldn't have stayed longer! :wink:
Funky, dude, do you EVER take the sunglasses off?! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: 8)

Wish i could have been there guys. I can assure you I was having great fun managing a group of lazy students and then twisting my knee cap whilst picking up a box of mince pies :cry:

Its good to see you all having fun in the pics! Del, BIG hair suits you! :LOL:
Glad I`m so small and insignificant, I managed to avoid the cameras :)
:D Hi Rod Yes I do wear them all the time but they are for medicinal purposes. I'm sensitive to flourescent light .Blue tints help me to have less migraines. Now you was thinking it was a misguided fashion statement, you'll all get used to it :wink: and if anyone of you is thinking about taking the P out of my shirt forget it. Just Like my Cat fully co-ordinated in style and colour :p 8) .
I was bored......sooooooooooooo

"I like them tight like this..."

Ria " Remind me why i came to this mad outing"

Proof if we needed any that Maz is possesed

Ginga texting "mum please call me and say there is a family emergancy - I need to escape"

Maz "God it IS true what they say about black men"

Bob "Yeah baby....I want me some of that"

The Highland fling, Cougar club stylee

Kully "And that is why we think a Cougar 2 looks crap"

Maz texting "Paul....I'm pishhed"

Kully, "Anyone give me a lift?"

RichB giving himself oral

Neil "Look at the size of them !! I better pack an overnight bag incase I get lost"

"That's what we call a Light bulb down south....runs from e l e c t r i c i t y"

If alcohol doesn't work, try the direct approach!

"I wouldn't have let him do it but he said it was only this big"
KingRoderick said:
I can assure you I was having great fun managing a group of lazy students and then twisting my knee cap whilst picking up a box of mince pies :cry:

Do Tesco not send their staff on manual handling courses? Straight back and bend at the knees and all that pish! :wink:

Looks like everyone had a good time anyway. Would have been good to have been there but couldnt afford it really. :(