Viper stripes



any pix of cougars with viper stripes and any fitting avice would be a help..mabee wrong thread fo advice but would appreciate the pix :wink5:
Also Casscougar also has stripes on his Burple Coug too.

Fairly easy, but 2 people makes it easier.
Suss out what gap you want in between (i chose 2 inch)
Clean the area
Put 2" tape STRAIGHT down centre line of the car, spend time doing this, it WILL pay
Expose 6" of tape and line up with start position allowing for overlap of the edge of the panel, fasten the first section gently lining up with edge of masking tape (leave a small gap eg 2mm)
Pull reel tight at a 15 degree angle from the bodywork, slowly expose more tape and get 2nd person to rub stripes ACROSS at the touchline, slowly moving up the tape, rubbing side to side, firmly, with a soft cloth (lint free jobbie), keep going til you run out of panel or tape lol
Rub tape applied more firmly than you have done in previous step, until smooth
Any bubbles, pinprick an edge of the bubble, and push the bubble to the pinprick,hey presto
Repeat for next panel etc
Remove masking tape
Crack open a cold one
Stand back and admire
NB going over the edge of the tailgate will send the tape in an odd direction because of the compound curvature, do the back first and cut the tape, match the lid stripes from these and cut off excess


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WildV6 do you have a pic of the front of the burple,the shelby stripes look awesome on it and i am very tempted

Belongs to Casscougar - PM him I'm sure he'll send one or two (y) This might help though - pulled from "post a pic of your cat here" thread.

Why not go off center then mate if your scared of putting them down the center of the car? Like the Ascari A10 {nice car}
MMMMM liking this idea(y)(y) thinking about doing blue ones over my black cat to much my brakes,exhaust and engine
right then..they are done and they were an absolute mare to do due to the fact that it p i s *Ed down 5 mins after i did them so ive spent the last week pinning and scraping the air bubbles out..i will post pics tomorrow..thurs.....or else what would be the point of me starting this thread ... lol...please note this is the 1st ever time i have done this to any car ive had so be kind...this is a pic i took yesterday under the influence but i will take better ones and post the the morrow(y)

I know. It only stayed on for a few hours. Didn'yt achieve the look I was after!