i hope you guys dont mind but i made a couple of wallpapers when i was bored. if any of you have anymore post them also please :)


hehe i love his car. its the best 'body kit' ive ever seen on a cougar, as soon as i dump my girl friend i will be able to afford to do my cat similar to it lol
Mate, that is awesome!!! I now have the first one as my wallpaper!! Thanks for the comments mate, makes it all worth while!! :LOL:
i actaully have ur car as my wallpaper on my pc here and at work.

Am i wierd coz most guys have girls as there wallpaper lolol
nope not at all i have toon cougar`s and nico`s `motorway` shot as mine! i
Finger licking cool......................from the man from the rock! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
I think that was Del's point. There were a couple of cougar wallpapers at the start of this thread.......