Well hello there!



After navigating my way around the rather "interesting" other google results for Cougar, I've found my way here! Which is handy, since I've just bought myself a Ford Cougar. :)
A X Reg, in Silver with the V6 with very low milage. It makes a change from my last car, which shall remain nameless. :censored:

So, hello everyone!

Welcome to certainly the most active forum and enjoy your cougar (y) (y)
Hi Andy and welcome to the club - subscribed already eh - smart move - saved me £100's (but tempted me in to spending £1000's) :geek:
Wow, its great to get such a friendly welcome!

hi and welcome to ukcougar.com must have been a vauxhall lol

Oh no, that was the one before last. The missus has the Astra, my last one was _worse_ :sick:.
You know you keep seeing those really old Nissan Bluebirds? Immaculately maintained by conscientious retirees? Well it wasn’t one of those. The front valance was at a rakish angle (that’s from when I discovered that my driveway to steep to drive up), the engine leaked more oil than the Exxon Valdeez, and the steering used to guide one gently towards the kerb. And the tyres had a handy self deflate option, presumably not fitted in Sunderland. But it did keep passing MoTs with a Christine-esque efficiency (the six inch strip of gaffa tape was the best one).
So I needed a new car, and since I’ve been tooling around in bland econo-boxes of soul-crushing mediocrity, (In all fairness, the Nissan added a frisson of excitement; mainly because you were never quite sure you were going to reach your destination), I decided I wanted a sports car of some description. A quick perusal of auto-trader showed my for my budget I could have high mileage ropey 3 series coupes, slightly less elderly MX-5s, Hyundai Coupes with self disassembling clutches, Ford pumas, and Ford Cougars…. Discounting BMWs (too ropy), the MX-5s (too small), the Hyundais (too flakey) I was left with the Puma or the Cougar. I liked the Puma , especially since at that price point I was looking at the 1.7 yamaha engined ones . However, the cougar was a lot more metal for the money and since I am no longer 17, the cougar it was!

Now I just have to get used to driving an auto....o_O
Welcome to the club and the slippery slope to an empty bank balance. Modding is not compulsory. Don't start....I mean it. Never. Not done anything to car except drive it before. My wife frowns at me a lot now :(
Hello and Welcome Andy, sounds like you've made the right move....now it's time to start emptying the wallet...as we all have done...and continue to do! Get some pic's up mate.
Welcome to UKC.com Andy, they are a great bunch on here & have helped me no end with my car.........well worth every penny of the subscription.:)

Nice to see another frosty swelling the ranks & I hope you enjoy your new cat matey.(y)