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What date will Cougarfest20 10 be on ? 16th-18th July



:dita:I've watched the videos posted on forum and it looks bloody fun..
But to be honest i can't wait to meet some of you nutters lol:incazzato:(y)
Try not to make it 23/24/25 july cos that will be my daughters 1st birthday weekend and the dearly beloved would have something to say if I was away :frown2:


After the 11th July will do me..because thats when the world cup should have finished lol
i will give you my wife's number and you can tell her that...good luck

This is good almost lost out on this years event as it was late in the planning (no fault on you guys: JJ, Kully) so it will be good to get in early, I figure it will be the same place as this year too.
There is talk of camping for next years Ford Fair and/or TRAX
We're gonna look at possible dates etc over the next couple of weeks and have a proposal together before the end of August. Once we've got that far, there will be a thread with all the relevant details etc posted up!(y)
The last time i was at the Billing Aqua was for a Koi Carp show in the early 1990"s !!! The things one does to try and impress the in laws lol:nono:
great news jj just waiting now for dates from you and kully not booking hols till we see date as not missing next years no-way(y)
What everyone needs to remember is that it is not the easiest job in the world organising events, putting up dates that you do not want is not helpfull, if we avoided everyones `do not want` weekend it would never get done, give the lads a chance to sort it out.