What no one likes to see



I had a St200 upper and lower manifold put on so i thought i would give the cougar a run to work to see what it could do. Well at work i could smell petrol and after opening the bonnet, petrol was pouring out underneath the upper mainfold when running, So called the AA and got it towed back to the garage. They had it fixed the next day as they had nipped an injector seal. Still didnt do the cougars name much good at work.

Not good AA man is scratching head-Um i think it will go on?

This was mm going up-i was very worried about the bottom of the car


It still looks good

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That is bad news matey, are you the one crouched at the side "praying" :LOL:
At least it is a quick fix, i know how easy those seals are to nip and how much they can cost :sad: