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Sep 25, 2006
Middle of a field..........nr Huntingdon
Went to my local tyre depot today, with dyg, and asked them to remove 12 tyres from wheels...........:yikes: yep 12!!!!!!!!!!
4x19's off mj's old cat (see scarey pics!!!)
4x16's that came with mj's old cat (had undersize tyres fitted)
And 4x17's ST200 wheels (dyg's)


Ran out of room in the trailer!!!!


Brings a new meaning to the words 'split rim'!!!!!:yikes:


ouch, that split one isnt one of Dave's ST ones is it ?


BTW Tony did you find me a Spare plain (unlettered) Cougar wheel
& did you get my TXT today ?
Its one of the 19's simon, yes i did but forgot to reply, its 5/8 (16mm i think), no special extensions needed, but a knuckle joint might come in handy, hope it all went ok with the discs and pads

Thanks for the info mate

Did you find a Spare STD 16" plain (unlettered) Cougar wheel for me ?

A little OT here but here's how it went (glad I didnt attempt the DIY approach!)
The Wheel Bearing / Discs & Pads was a bit of a B*tch (move across to 18+ Section!)
Lucky there were three of us at it one regular mechanic, his part time mate & me quoting the ideas from here / helping / hindering etc. (dont know how much it'll cost me as it was 2 hours tonight plus another half an hour tomorrow !)
The Knuckle pinch bolt (for strutt) wasnt giving up so we ended up removing whole leg.
Both front discs had to be Smashed off with 10lb sledge hammer !
Bearing only held in with one circlip & loads of rust !
Inner race stuck on Hub, so out came the Air chisel.
We had it on a 10 ton press at near its maximum & Bearing still didnt shift !
Managed to get it out after turning around other way.
We've got the leg on now, ready for the Discs & Pads....
Now Bloo*y Motor Parts Direct, they sold me the correct TSW Front Pads, but the Discs are the smaller 252 Dia. Rear ones !
Not very happy there then as I have got to take time off work in AM, nick Melanies car so I can be @ Coldhams Lane first thing to get the correct Discs, run them straight back to be fitted ASAP so the Mech can have his ramp back to get on with all his car servicing !
May have to see if they can give me some freebies to calm me down !

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