Wishbone bushes of the trollied variety.



pics as requested, 2nd one fuzzy, but i think you will get the idea.....



quick question though, someone mentioned trying to replace the bushes with mondeo ones....but i dont recall anyone actually mentioning trying full mondeo wishbones....has this been tried?
Mondeo wishbones are different

Alex tried Mondeo polybushes and they were massive and didn't fit either
ah right, didnt realise.
thought they could have been the same.
Ah, well, mind don't look that bad! in fact, mine look quite good.

How can you test if they are working ok?
They're "tested" (as in MOT tested) on "excessive movement".

Either have an assistant turn full lock on the steering for you while the car is on the ground, weight on wheels and look at how much they move, or insert large screw drive between wishbone and subframe at the bush and lever hard to observe movement.

from taking a look, i dont see why the bushes cant be replaced.....rose joints perhaps?