Wishbone changes and Car diagnostics


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Aug 9, 2007
Had a visit from Tony and Alan today to fit my new wishbones with me. My car has been suffering from very bad rattles for the last couple of weeks and I had to take it off the road while I ordered the new parts.

Old wishbone bush :yikes::yikes:

All new and shiney :D


Alan looks at how the Ford hover Cougar works :LOL:


Removing the damaged wishbone



Tony had issues with his car running rich on LPG so I pulled it into the garage and hooked the laptop up to see what we could find



After a full assessment with graphs and data logging the rear bank is running rich because of excessive air intake possibly down to a leaking intake manifold gasket. This is disrupting the lambda sensor data causing the fuel trims to be incorrect. Tony looked very interested in what can be done if you hook computers up to cars :LOL: :LOL:

It was great to see Tony and Alan and a nice suprise visit from Phil Robbo who popped round for a brew and a natter :)

Tony I have just changed my pants after the backfire you caused :LOL:

My thanks go to Alan and Tony who gave up time to help me out. (y)(y)

See you all at Tonys soon for the key recoding!!!:ihih::ihih:

A very productive day guys, in more ways than one (Imperial crap!) :yikes: :LOL:
Good to see (and work) withTony and Rob, we make a good team(y). Also good to see Phil , who turned up for a natter.
Thanks to Rob's MIL for keeping the teas/coffees coming :wink5:
See you all later, daan saaf a bit. (y)
Great job and interesting stuff guys. Tony, sounds like me and you have the same issue :mad2:

Looks like it fella, should be easy fix tho,:mad2: tho Robs box o trix did say that the IMRC was slightly open, we worked out that if its not that then its almost definitely the LIM or UIM gaskets on the rear bank, tho i'm still questioning why my LPG box o trix is only affecting the rear bank and will study the wiring i did for it further :confused:
Cheers to Rob for the demo and diagnostics, and it was good to finally spend some spannering time with Al, yet another quality mech (y) nice one fella.
As for that norvern get Mr Stabby.....................good to see you again chap (y):LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

Oh BTW, sorry i scared the c**p out of you both with the backfire:yikes::yikes::yikes::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
(Shoulda seen robs face!!!!!)
All the hard work was done when I got there, though I should have gone earlier instead of watching the Toon getting possed by the mackem scum :(, good to see the `old blokes` coming up trumps for the younguns ;)

Yes i did have a gripe and they are sending another out after a quick picture to trev porter :)

So am i liable to have wishbones falling out?? or was the cyrano wrench set to the correct torque? :LOL: