Woo Hoo it's on


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Mar 6, 2006
Talke,West Midlands
OK OK it's ONLY a Roush Spoiler and a ST200 air box but it makes me HAPPY

Holes are in

Roush Spoiler before it paint job

paint job done :smile5:



Little mod to the bracket for the air box thank to some one who posted a picture of the mod can't remember who it was (y)

the pipe on the Cougar does not fit the ST200 air box but found a pair of rubber gloves :eek6: cut the end's off fits a treat


right I off for a drive now :ihih::ihih:
Looks brilliant mate! :smile5:

Enjoy the filter its great isn't it :smile5: I reserve flooring my car as a special treat now, it was starting to get expensive in fuel! :eek6::LOL:
Looking good, so what are the benefits of an ST200 Airbox then??

the sound is awsome and makes you think your going faster :LOL::LOL::LOL:

i have these for sale if anyone is interested (y)

ask col he he got his from me top quality brand new in original ford boxes
ive now fitted 4 for people and sold another 6 but they are great karl will back me up on this

col the cars looking great mate and what do you think of the new sound bud
That spoiler looks excellent. Damn i want one. Did you paint it up yourself? The spraying is all that is putting me off.
That spoiler looks excellent. Damn i want one. Did you paint it up yourself? The spraying is all that is putting me off.

No I got some one to do it for me cost me only ?ú40 BUT he left a little run mark in it so he back out to do that anyway not paid him yet

Me paint Ha NO :yikes:
IMHO the Roush spoiler is the best one for the Cougar by a long way.
3 more are available >>>HERE<<<. Sorry for that blatant plug. :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Nice one Colin.(y)(y)(y)

And worth every penny Plug a way (y)

Did you feel good when you drilled the first hole Colin? :eek::confused::LOL:

scared the life out of me one slip game over :eek6: well yes a little :wink5:

but what i can't under stand the wife called me a boy racer :eek6:
Does the Roush spoiler come with some sort of template?

When I put my spoiler on it had this fab procedure that involved using foam marker pads with adhesive on both sides. Suffice to say the foam pads stretched slightly (should have gone with my gut instincts and gone to plan B) and I had to file the holes out by a couple of mm to get it all to fit.:mad2:
?ú40 is well cheap for spraying! :eek6: I'm paying around a ton to get mine sprayed as we speak. Mine was already red though so I dunno if that makes any difference :confused: Plus I knowthe guy will do a superb job :smile5:

Anyway Colin did you just have the spoiler on its own? No bolts or templates or anything? Because at the moment thats all I've got....