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Your input, please!



Thanks to all the debate going on with regard to charities, it seems as though a lot of folks have forgotten what the weekend is actually supposed to be about- the clue is in the name- Cougarfest. :?

To this end we've got no idea what you- the paying members- would like to see happen at the event, so I'd like to get ideas from everyone. Any input is appreciated and wil be considered. Please, try to be realistic though! :D
karting looked fun. couldnt join in last year tho as i had a bit of a sore back. i blame sleeping in a cold tent lol.

i think the idea of fancy dress was good. always gets conversations flowing. :LOL:
neil what ,if any restrictions has the site put on us ie disco etc etc
we could do with some activitys
a game of softball V6s v 2.0l
a treasure hunt around the site going past the bars etc
no scottish sausages are FLAT

you beat them with Wait for it

Insurance we need to make shure we have indemnity for this
i know its a pain but it is required
especially if (subject to be allowed to have this on the camp site)
we allow other people there to use it this will make more dosh

does out insurance cover third partys neil ?

in fact will we be covered on the club insurance in case of accidents
p.whitelock said:
Just sign a discalimer then away you go! im up for it! :LOL: Forget health and safety, they ruin everything :roll:

"If the undersigned attempts to claim against the Ford Cougar Owners Club in any way, from any matter howso arising, the Ford Cougar Owners Club shall think they are gay"

That ought to do it :LOL:
a disclaimer will be a pain in the Bum
firstly a few words on a bit of paper wont cover you in a court of law
it may be a mitigating circumstance

if you were the 1 to be injured and unable to work for 6 weeks or more
who is going to pay your bills

i know its a downer but we have to be Legally above board on this

if we need a disclaimer we need to seek legal advise and have the correct documentation set up and Signs etc etc
simply because we are in a public place albeit on private property
You're right Ron - I jest....

You can't disclaim against strict liabilities and as you say the claim may well be neccessary for the person concerned :wink:

Edit: (Finger slip again :oops: )

Even if the claim is purely monetary with no criminal implications for the club a decent lawyer can usually rip any disclaimers apart anyway :roll:
The club has insurance covering third partys at ANY events we organise/attend ie tripping ove a tent rope etc.

It will NOT cover anyone for taking part in an event (karting for example) these are done at your own risk.