1. JBunney17

    Changing a zetec clutch?

    Anyone done a clutch change on a zetec? Just wanted to know if there was anything in particular to look out for before I start... I've been told it's a ******* of a job. Luckily its not my cat; This unloved frosty with only 80k miles, has literally just been given to me by my brother. So i've...
  2. JBunney17

    New owner wooo! :) black zetec

    Hi, I’m finally a Cougar owner after a long time of waiting. :D After so much thinking of which colour is best, I’ve ended up with a black W reg, ’spares & repairs’ Zetec model as most of my savings will be going towards insurance :( (it’ll be my first personal car once I’ve passed my driving...
  3. rannable8

    New C2 Frosty

    So, after the demise of my Blurple C1 I have cheered myself up with a brand new low-milage Frosty Zetec C2. Picking it up from Bummingham on Sunday and cannot wait! A few bad bits on the car like a dent on the B pillar and a small one on the front wing but ripe for a few mods! I think a US...