At the crossroads - your input very welcome/required!



Hi all,

I am new here - thinking about getting a Cougar. Here are the details of my problem: Seat Ibiza has served me well. Its the 2004 SX model, my first car, with 52,000 miles on the clock. I have had a few problems here and there, nothing major and nothing beyond my control thankfully thus far.

There is a guy over from Moldova, he has just joined our company and is 23.

He bought a Ford Cougar (2000), it has 30,000 miles on it, but the clock has been changed, as he has receipts of services etc which suggest its more like 60,000 this something I should be wary of?? He bought it for £1,500

He bought it without checking insurance prices and was stunned to be quoted over £3000.

I went up to the shop with him a spin on lunch and was loving the interior, full leather trim, gorgeous machine and a lot of power in it!

He was complaining about the insurance quotes and I laughed saying something like:

"haha, sure I will swap you my ibiza for this." I said this in total jest.

To which he replied "really? I'll have a think about it."

Now he seems quite keen as he got much cheaper insurance quotes from companies for the Ibiza.

But am I doing myself a mischief here?

I would be swapping a newer car with less miles and paying more in fuel costs and £150 extra on insurance.

The Ibiza's from this age are selling for around £2,500 on auto trader. I highly doubt he would swap me the cougar plus some cash..can't see it.
the very best cougars are not worth 2.5k mate, save for one or two special ones.

You can get a top notch, low miler for under two grand, and a very very good one for £1200-£1500.

Sell your car mate, then look for the right coug
My best mate just bought a Cat and whilst it's not a complete minter, its still a great Cat that just needs a little bit of TLC....and all for under £800 !!
Full leather, 2.5 V6.....the works....for under £800 !!!!

You get a hell of a lot of car for your money. Just remember that this is a 10 year old Ford and things do go wrong. I wont lie and say the car is perfect. It isn't, but she makes up for it in so many other way, not just in cost, looks and trim level (y)
To be honest the minute I got inside for a spin I kinda fell in love with it!

I don't see many of the cougars about, I looked on gumtree, auto trader etc...most have well over 100,000 miles on them..that's why I was considering this one as the miles are quite low. He serviced it recently too and spent £500 getting it right, I remember him complaining a while ago about it.

I am hopefully getting a lend of it tonight, then I can take it to my mechanic mate with a ramp for an inspection!
i would only be prepared to take a deal like that if the history stacks up.

I would also want to know if the wishbones have been done (its a £300+) job to sort out.

Also, check the history of the clutch as thats a £350+ job to sort out.

They are two of the bigger jobs you could end up getting stung by.
its £20, not 4

any cheap ones have no info.

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its £20, not 4

any cheap ones have no info.


My bad - this is the one I was reffering to;

Copied the wrong link - they have 3 prices, £3.95, £9.95 & £14.95 depending on how much info you want. The cheapest one does have insurance, police & basic DVLA VIN check - which will at least tell you if the car is dodgy, but the £9.95 option has a lot more info. When I bought mine I did an HPI check through my insurers at the time - only charged me £8.99.
Thanks, but that one comes up with no data.

There are a few other sites that have data but its £20 a go.

I will take the car to my mate tonight for a good inspection. If I am still interested I will run a check on this.

I really want this car so I hope all works out.

Are parts for this motor very expensive though?

I am going from a 40mpg car to 30 at best also, a lot to think about.
Because the Coug uses the Mondeo platform it shares a good few parts with it. Obviously as previously stated in the thread the wishbones & the clutch can be a costly affair, but your friend should be able to give you a heads up as to whether they require changing. Aside from that, as long as you keep up regular servicing and keep an eye on the oil, the V6 Duratec is a very strong engine indeed and it's not really any more expensive to maintain or repair than any other vehicle.

As for the mpg, we don't drive 'em because they're economical :LOL: The smile it puts on your face more than makes up for the extra trips to the pump (y)
Thats what I am thinking boss!

Here's hoping this Cougar is in good order and I will be able to join the club for real.

Would it be wrong to ask for £500 on top of the Ibiza? I don't think the guy would go for that.... but that is surely fair enough?

He seems keen to switch but still likes the cougar.

I do 200 miles a week, how much should that cost roughly if I am driving sensibly?

sell your Seat and buy a cougar mate, you will have alot of dosh left over for mods or watever
I do 200 miles a week, how much should that cost roughly if I am driving sensibly?


I do 200 miles on weekdays on a steady commute, some A roads, a little bit of dual carriageway and a mile or two in town, and on weekends I have a bit of a hoon about with mileage varying weekend to weekend, and I reckon get through around £45 - £50 a week as a ball-park average (y)

Obviously this goes up when the weather's good on a weekend :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
I sit in traffic a lot, will that drink the petrol?

driving to and coming from work is is 24 miles total..It takes about 40 minutes to get one way everyday due to traffic...will this affect cost?

Quite nervous about the fuel costs.
I sit in traffic a lot, will that drink the petrol?

driving to and coming from work is is 24 miles total..It takes about 40 minutes to get one way everyday due to traffic...will this affect cost?

Quite nervous about the fuel costs.

The way you drive is bound to affect your mpg, and stop-start traffic certainly is fuel sapping. This thread should give you an idea of the average MPG that other owners experience;
Thanks, it just depends when I leave and how lucky i get with lights. I would need to leave earlier in the morning to dodge the traffic, work would be happy about that lol
if its a uk registered car get a hold of the mot or v5 document then you can check back the mots and mileage for free on the dvla web site and as said i wouldnt do a straight swap i would be wanting some cash along with it
My mate gave it a full check over, never been in a big crash, immaculate engine and everything seems to be in superb condition. I have well and truly fallen in love with it.

I would a cash extra to make it worthwhile to bed in the changes in costs etc.. But at 60,000 miles for a ten year old car is very good.




I'd swap a seat for a cougar any day but if it's him who want's to get rid and save money then you should be in the driving seat on this deal :LOL:

Get a Parkers guide and tell him that the fair way to do it is to check out the price for both cars and the one with the cheaper car pays the difference - or 1/2 the difference or whatever.

No point in giving money away if you don't have to :beer: