Cougar photos - finally cleaned


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Apr 12, 2010
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Great weather outside today, so I spent most of it cleaning my cougar 'boost'. Waiting on front and rear light covers, rear bumper filler, and some decals.
Any ideas on improvements.:)




Looking good there Liam - likin' them wheels.

Agree that it would look even better lowered - and howzabout a spoiler on the back whilst you're at it (y)
Very nice, I don't know whether you're planning on altering any body styling, or keeping an OEM look, either way, a spoiler would look cool on the rear IMO mate.(y)

: Edit : Darn that mofo, he posted just ahead of me....................great minds think alike though!:)
Have any of you people lowered your cats, I have noticed a firm ride since moving up to 18" rims, will lowering it, say 25-30mm make the ride harder again? What is a reasonable price for parts? I do more than 300miles a week (mostly motorway running) so it needs to be on this side of comfortable.

Not really interested in spoilers on scoops.
Looking nice Liam, but where is your original Blurple gone??? that was looking sweet...have you sold it and bought this one instead? ..confused????
Been a while since I have been on, the left quad exhaust tip (in the photo) is a fake at the minute, planning to remove the middle silencer (already have the main cat out) and back box (on the left side) then weld the middle box in place of back box.

will the smoke then filter out both left and right side? Or will the force just push all the burnt fumes out the left?