Extreme Cougar modding Day!



I FINALLY got round to cutting the rear arches out of my cougar-S kit the other day after putitnghte job off for a good 3 years!

It was a job the old body kit company should have done, but never did and eventually folded, so had to do it myself.

I was terrified of slipping and cutting through the body kit/my arteries.

Please exucuse the horrid clothes, they were necesary after setting fire to my hair and burning my arms!


Extereme modding? Maybe not, but terrifying for an angle grinder first timer!

Whats everyone else been up to so far this year?
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For a first timer with the grinder, you got guts Rod, i'll give you that, especially with so much plastic in such close proximity :yikes:
Top marks matey, hope it all goes well.
Ive done nothing much so far, apart from collecting the stuff i need to get my roush kit done.
Oh and my PiperX cone filter is currently draining into the kitchen sink after a clean.

Nice hat btw :LOL:
I see it doesnt take long to develop the "grinder face"..mouth shut tight to stop sparks sticking to the lips lol..did you get one up the nose yet?
I see it doesnt take long to develop the "grinder face"..mouth shut tight to stop sparks sticking to the lips lol..did you get one up the nose yet?

Puts a completely new light on the meaning of life and the whole wide world and universe when you get one up there, thni thni thni, and dont it smell funny :ihih:
Also, as a welder by trade i soon learned to not weld with my head on its side..get a spark deep in the lug for an unforgetable experience of crackling agony. I got one lodged in there when i was an apprentice..2 days later i was in hospital with a nurse pressing at the side of my swollen head till there was a pop and the ball of metal dropped into a dish along with a flood of pus and blood..sorry but i like to share.:smile5:
Well, spent the afternoon pushing on with the car.

Had to hack out any excess expanding foam. Sensible option; using craft knife, carefully remove any excess. Rods method - use angle grinder!

Anyway, the arches now look like this now;



(Note the wheels of steel in the background ;))

Then I realised the arch liners were too big accouting for the smaller original arches, so had to hack that back too. Sensible option - remove liner, carefully trim, then replace. Rod option - use angle grinder. :ihih:

Then I got to put something back that has been missibng for 2 or so years, my lovely 38mm spacers! Yay!


The wheels are now back on the wagon!


I was runnign out of time/light, otherwise I would have given the calipers a shine up and a coat of hammerite red. Oh well!

Next problem to solve - the handbrake is seized! Horray! Forgot to take it off over the winter! D'OH! I wonder if I can use the angle grinder on that too???!