Foglight conversion

phil robbo

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Oct 4, 2004
After arranging a meet on Teeside, then having to cancel after changing jobs, cancelling a weeks holiday, travelling down to Portsmouth to find the steelwork and ducting 6 weeks behind schedule, made the most of today and converted the useless fog lights into flashers and put blue strobes into the flasher units.

photos are`nt the clearest, but gives an idea.

Thought something was in the pipeline after your question regarding positioning of indicators, it's an original idea, well, I've never seen it done to a cougar anyway.
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Phil hi, can I ask you about your grill... Is that the cougar2 grille with the standard badge that it comes with? Or have you changed the badge on the cougar2 grille to the one that you can buy separately for boot? I cant tell from the picture although it doesnt look like the standard cougar2 grille...
Will there be some kind of issue with the MOT because of the height of the indicator?

I know that for my Cobra (when it goes for the SVA) there are legal requirements for the heights of certain lights.

Just a thought...

the sva is stricter, like for example when you have passed the sva you will lower the cobra and it will pass the mot like that providing you can get it on a ramp :D

I doubt they will measure the height of the indicators, and more the fact of whether they work or not.

Being that the cougar is a rare car, they will probably think it was manufactured with the indicators there and just check they work :wink:
V6 cougar london, the grill is this one;
the only difference with mine is I have a blue lamp behind the cougar badge.

Iain, I posted recently asking about heights etc of indicators and Jamie answered my question with a link to a government web site relating to all aspects of indicators, I could`nt see any reason not to put them where I have, perhaps I will find out for sure at the next mot.

I think Alan may well be correct. The SVA is alot stricter on things like that. I'd be interested to know how you get on. I quite like that setup you have. I may look at doing it to my Cat... 8)



Have still got to fit my scrolling light in the grille, sat in the garage since Modded Mayhem. Looks ace though Phil, good work and a top mod! :wink: