Got my 1st COUGAR...LOVE IT



Hi all,just got my 1st cougar 2.5 v6 xpack,1998,wanted something different as my subaru had to go.I love it,its got so much torque,i hardly have to change gear.The fuel consumption is great for a car like this,and that howl when you do give it some.Oh.........what a car.Its a pleasure to drive...The size of the boot is huge and so on.Sorry if ive ran on but i just love it.
Hi,thats very true,i cant stop grinning.Ive had a few fords in the past and they were ok,but for an 11 year old car with F.F.S.H and 133k on the clock its so smooth,and no money was spared by the previous owner.Thanks for the welome.(y)
I've got 134K on mine - mileage isn't too bigger issue as long as the services are maintained and you use the right oil

Had mine 8 months and still smiling
Thanks for the kind welcomes.Im sure i'll be on here a lot:smile5:
Hi and welcome m8 this is the world of happiness 4 those who enjoy their cougs all the questions you will ask ans are already posted plus many goods at realistic prices