Hello from Kent


Tony Westwood

Hi all,

I just thought I'd quickly say "Hi" to you all, let you know a bit about me, and see if there's anyone else on here from Kent?

I'm Tony, I'm 46yrs old, I live in Dover with my wife & teenaged daughter, and have been a FORD nut since I started driving back in 84, when I bought my 1st Mk3 Cortina.
Through the years I've owned Cortinas (was Kent Area Rep for Mk3 owners Club until a few years ago), Capris, Sierras, Mondeos, and eventually got into V6 Cougars last year (even my wife Karen drives a Puma, LOL).

Up until Aug 2007 I had never even owned a non Ford, but my last "Project/hobby" car got totalled in Jan 2007 (a fully restored & V6'd 2dr Mk3 Cortina) and I was looking for another Project/hobby when I got offered a partially done "Knight Rider" replica, so I jumped at it, and have been continuing the conversion ever since (nearly finished now :cool:).

It isn't as nice to drive as the Cougar, but it certainly gets noticed wherever I go, and puts a smile on everyones faces.

Here's a few pics of our "Petrol driven" family...
My Cougar...


Karen's "Yellow Peril" (far better than the "Blurple" one she had before, LOL)...

And introducing the "Knight Industries Two Thousand (or KITT if you prefer, LOL)......

Also, here's a pic of what some idiot in an NHS truck has done to my "Baby" (reversed into it while I was parked in a layby!!!)...

So if anyone knows of a Black Cougar being broke for parts with a decent tailgate, please let me know (I've put a "Wanted" ad in the Classified section too).

Well, that's enough rambling on for now,

Talk soon,


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Sep 12, 2007
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Welcome Tony, that is one shiny Cougar you have there, shame about the tw@t that reversed into it, but I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you out. With regards to KITT, loving it, just one thing, are you going to lower it(or should I say him)?

Tony Westwood

Thanks for the welcome guys (twice in Kev's case, LOL).

Stribo, as far as KITT's concerned, I'm not that worried about lowering him, I'm just happy when he decides to run on all 8 pots :LOL:



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Feb 27, 2005
Warm welcome from Bath, the gateway to the south west. I took the easy route and got a frosty - doesn't show the dirt so easily!!! :smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin::smilewinkgrin:

Tony Westwood

And was you at Harewood House with KITT last year?

Hi Tom, I don't even know where harewood house is mate :LOL:

KITT is still a "Work In Progress", and desperately needs a new coat of paint, so he hasn't been out much.
Most of the conversion work I've done on KITT in the last 2yrs has been interior conversion work
replacing this tired old grey standard Pontiac interior.......

With correct Tan interior parts and KITTs unique dash & switchpods...

I did take him to a few local shows in Kent in June and to "KnightCon" (the annual gathering in Halifax in Sept), but that's about it.

We had 23 KITT replicas at KnightCon09 (the largest gathering of KITTS ever WORLDWIDE (y))

Here's me (on the right) with Mike Scheffe, who was the main designer of KITT for the TV Show (although George Barris still claims the credit, LOL)...



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Sep 12, 2007
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Tony, that looks amazing, my bro and I were massive Knight Rider fans(still are, but not the new one) had no idea so many people built their own KITT's.


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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
Hello and welcome Tony. Great to see your motors - Kitt is looking cool (although secretly I like the new Mustang one...but...Sssshhhhhh...keep that under your hat! lol). Can't belive the knob in the NHS truck did that to your Coug (I would have kicked his ass for that!). Anyway, welcome aboard and hope to see you at some of the meets. Cheers, Tim