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I am in shock. I though that I was the only person who was totally in love with my cougar!! :love: I've been 'in the closet' :censored: as I thought folk would think I was barmy. But now I am coming OUT OUT OUT. :devilish:

She is called Gladys and I've had her for about 7 years now. I am just a mere woman so have no idea about car mechanics and all those sorts of jobbies that you all chat about, but I am interested in learning more. She is off the road at present as her windscreen washers are poorly. Thats how I found this forum. I was looking for some information and hey presto! Here you all are. I'm looking forward to having a good look around and learning to navigate the forum. Pammie.
Hi and welcome to the asylum Pammie, all the information you will ever need is in here. Get some pics of your car posted, we are all addicts (y)
Hi Pammie and Gladys, and welcome to ukcougar.com, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! ukcougar.com is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Hi Pammie, and welcome to the club. Get yourself subscribed and you'll open the door to a whole wealth of Cougar knowledge which will undoubtedly save you the £13 fee many times over in garage fees. There was never a Haynes manual for the Cougar but on here you'll find everything you'll ever need to know (and quite a lot that you don't! :)) whilst having a friendly natter with a bunch of like minded Cougar-nuts. Oh, and let's see some pics of Gladys! ;)
pics of my car? EEEEEK Sounds technical to me. Would you like pics of the damage that the ford shop did to my beloved on a test drive after fitting a new braking system? And then were adament that the damage was already there? If it ever stops raining, I'll take some and (try) to post them.
You should have taken it to Hartwell Ford in Scunthorpe. Scunnycougar swears by them!

*EDIT* I was only pulling your leg. DON'T take your car to Hartwell Ford in Scunthorpe under any circumstances! It's probably more appropriate to say he swears AT them, after the run around they gave him.
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Hi Pammie, welcome to the forum. You are by no means alone in being a Cougar fanatic, both my girlfriend and I have Cougars, in fact, she's on her second one. There are a few more 2 Cougar families on the site as well.
Thanks Bob. There is another cougar appeared in my cul de wotnot lately. (He is black and my Gladys has her beady headlamps on him). There seems to be quite a few around here lately I saw a bright orange one last week. Not my cuppa thingy really, prefering my sleek silver Gladys.
Hi Stribo. This is music to my ears. Two cougar families?? hehehee. I feel right at home already.
OFS - old fart society, they need the visitors to help pass the time. So welcome to the forum! The free sections are good but the wealth of knowledge in the subscriber sections is definitely worth the £13 - ok it's the price of a decent bottle of wine but you'll probably find the easy fix for the washers somewhere in there. I know I have saved stacks (and then spent more than I originally wanted on new toys) through this lot of friendly people.
Never a Haynes Manual??? Ahhhhh. That explains why I am unable to find one. How daft. Why was there never a manual?
old fart society, they need the visitors to help pass the time.

hahahahahahaaaa Bless. I'll take some boiled sweets with me. They like boiled sweets.
I don't think Haynes thought it worth their while, given the time it takes to strip a car down and photograph everything to make a manual, as there were only ever around 4000 pre facelift Cougars (known as the C1) and about 400 facelift models (known as the C2) sold in the UK. The dfifferences between the C1 and C2 are mostly cosmetic, but mechanically both cars are heavily based on the Mk2 Mondeo.
Never a Haynes Manual??? Ahhhhh. That explains why I am unable to find one. How daft. Why was there never a manual?

They never imported enough to justify Haynes producing one. Strictly speaking there is one produced by Chilton, but from what I've heard it's more use as toilet paper.:LOL::LOL: The MKII Mondeo manual should cover most of the mechanicals of the Cougar, but for experience, it's best to ask a forum of Cougar owners, we've done it all.:giggle:

Edit: Relliott beat me to it again.:cautious::)
Only 4000???? Holy Moly. How many d'ya reckon are still about? Only 4000? Thats criminal.