Just bought my Cougar 24v 6c year 2000


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Jun 5, 2010
Frinton on Sea
Collected my Cougar yesterday, very pleased with it so far but it does not have a users manual, where can I get one from? Have searched internet to no avail, many thanks in anticipation.

there is no user manual as such ray. You have found a much better option which is this forum. Some of the technical sections are subscriber sections, but for £13 per year you will save yourself a fortune.
I think he means the handbook that comes with the car Si, rather than a 'Haynes-esque' repair manual. Couldn't agree more with your post though, £13 will give you access to everything you ever need to know about a Cougar and probably quite a lot that you don't!
Welcome to the forum, everything you need to know you will find on here, if not just ask - someone will know the answer :geek: :geek:
Welcome to the forum (y)

If it is the owner's manual you're after keep your eye on ebay - they pop up there every now and again.
Thanks for all your welcoming messages, I know I shall enjoy my Cougar.
Pretty new myself.
I coughed up the £13 after a short wait but glad I did as the info on here has already saved me loads in cash.
Good example is discs/pads all round on my car.
Ford Rapid Fit wanted £284 supplied and fitted and I almost went for it....but I had a read of a how to section and knew I had all bar 2 of the required tools. So I bought my discs/pads at Trade price through work and the caliper winder set (Laser 4511) for the rear brakes and the T50 Torx piece with adaptor for £5.50.
£157.27 all in...plus I get to know my car better and I know I can do it again next time.
Result-erino :D