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Apr 8, 2009
well been waiting on the postie for these for a week now and finally arrived today havent put them on the car yet so heres a pic of them anyway :D
I used to have something similar when I had my probe, I bought set after set of metallic red valve caps, until I gave up in the end................I think just about every kid in my area was riding around with metallic red valve caps on their bikes.......little sods lol!:sosp:
i know the feeling my black ca came with horrible skull valve caps and after one day one of them got pinched
So far ive had two sets of these, they to get really tight enough to put most kids off, but some parts of Mansfield is a different world :LOL:


You mean the kids carry spanners and they're not just after your valve caps...they'll knick the bleedin car as well....I watch Road Wars!! lol :LOL::LOL:
Kids are Jackdaws ... anything shiny.

Had numerous sets of dust caps taken, first to go was a set of the same ones only in blue, and that was at cougarfest 2005 when everyone was away carting.
I only use plain black ones now.
I had some on a an old 300zx I used to have about 15 years ago. Parked up outside work in Middlesbrough; came out and guess what? Gone!
THe chavs in my local area are the same, however leave a tray with a pack of Green Rizzla and a packet of 20p space raider crisps, and copy of 'UK NOVA' next to anything valuable and they will instinctively go for the tray instead of your precious [insert item of value in here].
I must be very lucky - I have chromed valve covers and caps and never had any problems with any of the theiving little gits, so I'm pleased to say mine are still on the car a year after I put them on.....just keep my fingers crossed they stay that way.
3 of mine have been nicked over the weekend..again, thats the 3rd set now :incazzato:

Glue'em on mate!.....Hmmmmm...on second thoughts...maybe that's a bad idea....I know :idea: ...wire them up to the battery so when the little f*****s try and knick them they get a little more than they had bargained for (although this maybe against the law??? lol)