my 2 cat drive


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Apr 8, 2009
heres the first pics of my new addition,needs a tidy up and some horrible stickers and stick on emblems removed will put more up as it progresses(y)





a pic of the scabby alloys that were on it

this is what happens when you dont do tyre pressures or tracking
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Nice!! :D Deffo loose the decals though :yesnod:

Love the way you're playing keep up with the neighbours with their two Discos......:LOL::LOL:
dont worry if its dry tommorow the hairdryers coming out lol,not my cuppa tea.just nipped out there and gave front half of wing a cut and polish and ive got to admit the ebony does look good when cleaned up,just need do the rest of it if it a good day its a de-tar,cut,polish and wax.the interior can be done anytime not much to it apart from the carpet its coming out and getting replaced provided the donor cat ive used before still has it in it lol
needs a good clean up and then can see what mechanicals are needing done
fns coil spring
fns brake pad wear indicator needing rewired
abs needing checked out will get multi meter and check sensors etc
wheels need balanced and tracked for this car
rear mudflps need refitted(properly lol)
passenger side sunvisor needs holding clip
armrest clip needs replacing
interior carpet bit worse for wear(will replace it)
thats what i could see on a quick inspection
That was a good buy, potential there for a nice motor (why do people put 'tribal grafix' on nice cars? :mad: )
liking them black & silver rimmed alloys :smile5:
That was a good buy, potential there for a nice motor (why do people put 'tribal grafix' on nice cars? :mad: )
liking them black & silver rimmed alloys :smile5:
hoping its mostly simple things to do,engine and auto box are sound as,and not just the tribal graphiti had to pull a v6 sticker of ashtray yuch tacky and the bull on bootlid and sill whatever on rear quarter is first things to get sorted out lol,have put a thread up in wheels section to see if anyone knows what type alloys i got so i can find centre caps for them
fight fight fight lol,they look like victorian scrolls on the bonnet iam sure the previous owner liked them along with his decals,but youve got to personilise to your own tastes,i would be happy with nice oem spoiler and loosing the fried eggs lol
Looks a nice motor that Paul (y)

I agree, Tribal graphics look pants :prrr:..that would be my first job lol.

I checked and i still have a set of springs if you need one / all of can have em for postage.
Please explain what is wrong with tribal graphics, i personally quite like em and think he should leave em on............(y)
We had a bloke like you on here a while back..........................:ihih:

Ask him has he still got his fried eggs!:mad2:
cheers tim dont worry ther going going gone lol
and cheers martin will need one defo will check it all out tommorow hopefully get the wee bits and bobs from the scrappies as he still has 2 cats there and will see what nick the interior carpet is in as i imagine that would be horendous to post lol
That is good mate I always miss out on these deals (dunno were i must be looking) I actualy like discos and the earlyer Range rovers, I've noticed now the new ones have come out youdont see many of the ones that came out between? Slightly off topic there sorry ;);)
those are the alloys that i offered scunny and fairs fair he said not his cup of i got the guy down to that price and took for myself,no worries place iam doing work at the monent has 3 dicos 3 landrovers and there are all pants to drive,ive driven them and terrible lol