My new install too thread


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Oct 22, 2008
Gosport (pompy)
It must be that time of year when sound systems get ripped out and upgraded, JJ is getting on with his and i have now started mine...This is NOT a competition :nono: :LOL:

I have only seen one other Cougar "walled" and that was in the states so this should be nice an unique, I've got all the hardware except some cabling and batteries so the build has begun

Parts List;

6 x Fusion Reactor 12" subs
3 x Fusion Reactor 900w mono amps
2 x Big yellow batts

1 x Fusion Encounter 600w 4 chan amp
3 x Fusion Reactor 5.25 coaxials pairs
1 x Fusion PowerPlant 5x7 coaxials
1 Fusion Encounter tweeters

i have a set of 6x9 PowerPlants which i'm not sure where there going to end up but may get another 2 chan amp for them.

What a "Wall" looks like


So after a lot of design win MS Visio and Bass Box Pro 6 I went to B&Q yesterday and purchased a metric ton of MDF :yikes:





And the current state of the back of my cat :LOL:


Lots of work ahead but it will be fun :ihih:
As you know already mate looking good so far if you need batterys we have a job lot of hawker genesis ones for sale perfect for what you need and good price too in for sale section posted by Kully.

I wont add what's going in mine then!! good work Chris, looks like it's gonna turn out well!! :)
are you sure your quarter windows wont pop out?:D:D:D

+cant wait to see finished result(y)

No the idea of a wall is to seal the rear end of the car off to maximise SPL so the rear quater's wont be under any pressure, they will be stuffed full of loft insulation though :)
Why not I did this year lol, so where are more pics dude??? did you see my post re the bigger amps I have for sale??