New Member....Dead, But soon to be Reborn.


Barry Harker

Hi Guys,

Well as I have owned Cougars Since 2005 I figured Its about time I joined A club or Forum.
I bought my first Cougar back in 2005 and loved every minute of it !
it was 2.5 V6 but not the Xpack (cloth Interior).
After a Year of driving the Car in standard form I decided to bolt on a K&N Air Induction System and had a full Stainless Duel Exaust Custom Built By a good freind at A44 EXAUSTS in Worcester.


I then striped the Wheels Down And re-sprayed them in two pack black,
and then Applied white paint to the Letters on the Tyres with Special Tyre Paint Pens. "yea it took bloody ages to do and keep up the maintenence !"


after another year of driving and Enjoying the Car, Late one Evening while Driving Home I had a Minor Coming together With some To##er in a VR6 Golf, He didnt seem to like being over taken:sosp:

he then decided to push me Across an Island and spead off.

so, once home I decided what the Heck, I rebuild the front Bumper and Bolt on an Intake for the K&N.

After a Couple of weeks up to my elbows in Fibreglass and P38.
I had the Desired Result.


Now this is where it gets Painfull.

Driving to work one Early October morning, Iwas blinded by the sun Just as Truck Pulled out of a Juction and SMACK !
Right up his Chuff and needless to say the Truck Won, And at only 20mph !




Hmmmm not the Outcome I was hoping for !
as you can see it was a Total loss and a Write Off,

and I lost over 3 grand due to my very nice Insurance Company Under Valuing it !

but a few Later and I have another Cougar and Im getting all the Parts together to
Bring My Cat back to life.


Hopefully this one will last a lot longer than my first Cougar !

All the Best,

Cheers Mate,

yes i was lucky, its a big shock when theres a loud bang and your showerd in Glass !


All the Best,

Hi Barry & welcome to, sorry to hear of your cat's argument with a lorry mate, I know these cats can be a bit feisty at times, but glad you came out OK!;)

What kinda bonnet scoop is that on your written off cat BTW?:)
Got to say the first couple of times I looked I didn't like it but the more I look at it the more I like it lmao. Good luck with the new one dude.

That looks good mate (Your first cat) looks a bit like my own car ;) shame it was wrecked (I gulped when I saw the damage) are you going to convert the new one into a similar looking machine? You have given me a few ideas anyway. (y)

Welcome to the pride, hopefully we will see you at some of the shows/meets this year.

Thanks Guys,

Yes once I have finished My 2nd Cat "to look like the first"

I will hit the Show scene, Iknow its not every ones cup of tea, But my Cat did look Different, Although I like what Im seeing with all these great looking Cars !
Cat 2 will Have 30mm Lowerd Suspension this Time around so it will sit lower and look better with slight Improvment onthe Handling.

I have a Question on that..... Can you get KONI Shocks that fit the Cougar ?

All the best Guys and thanks for the Welcome.



Cat 2 will Have 30mm Lowerd Suspension this Time around so it will sit lower and look better with slight Improvment onthe Handling.

I have a Question on that..... Can you get KONI Shocks that fit the Cougar ?
In a word yes The "Supercat" had them fitted, however you will be hard pressed to find a set. I'm running Eibach Pro-dampers & Pi springs, but even these are now as rare as rocking horse poop :LOL: Eibach stopped producing suspension components for the cat, so its a case of get in while you can while stocks last, because there wont be any more. One of the members on here sells the suspension kits on ebay under the Cougarstore name he might have a kit still for sale?

There is a Coil-over suspension system also available for the cat, but it costs in the region of £1500 IIRC and is advertized on the Deemontweeks website (KW Coil-overs)

I like the way you did your 1st cat, Black on silver goes excelently, I thought it was me who started the trend but obviously not (y)
Nice first cat Barry, shame it died but glad you were ok and that the spirit lives on. Absolutely love the bumper you made, that's ace :)
Welcome to the best and most informative car forum on the web,

when I saw .. New Member....Dead, But soon to be Reborn...

HA HA Jesus ! mmmmm no.
Hello Phil.

And Hello ginga V6SINGH,

The Bumper was styled Due to Watching to much NASCAR !
I like the smooth Aero finish on those Bulky Yank Tanks, Allthough since 2009 they have had a major Aero Change and dont look as nice as they use to.

First I Layed up some Shrink Wrap over the Entire Bumper, And then piece by piece and in small sections. I layed down layers of Glass Fibre Woven Cloth and coverd each layer in Resin. Once it was all layerd up, I pulled the Fibre Glass Section up and Mounted it to the Frame work on the Lower Part of the Bumper. And then smoothed and Sanded with lots of P38 and Filler Primer.
once I had finished it, It was pretty hard wearing and took a few nocks from other Clumsy Drivers and it didnt crack !

although I did put 5 coats of silver and 3 coats of clear coat, and then a good wet sand and polish to get a nice Shine !

And now I get to DO IT ALL AGAIN !





All the best,

I can see where the styling comes from now, now you mention NASCAR cool, never thought of that before, i'm more influenced now by the IMPORT SCENE or Fast&Furious films. Its the little things that make the mark like the removal of the center caps, gives the wheels more of a racer look, and that bonnet vent is something else cool (y)