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Jan 16, 2010
Hello everyone I just bought a Ebony black 2 litre 16 valve Cougar and am loving it. My car is an S reg and has standard seats. I was just wondering is it hard to install the leather seats off an X pack car as a salvage yard near me has an X pack in for breaking. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Rich K. I am not too bothered about if I cant get the heated seats to work but would give it a go.
Welcome to the oracle for all Cougar owners. The leather seats are easy to swap but you need to make sure the seats you buy have the same plugs as your existing sets. Ford changed them in mid `98. If the plugs are the same they are a direct replacement. Enjoy it mate.
Thanks I am defo going to pay my subscription so look forward to using the site. Thank you for all your help
Hi, i did this swop about 1 week ago, the seats bolt straight in, the only difference is the wiring plug, the V6 leather seats have a large rectangular grey plug (heater, movment + seatbelt swithc) and a yellow plug (air bag). The cloth seats have 3 plugs, a grey square plug (heater=Blue wire + movement=orange wire). the same yellow plug and a green plug which will plug straight into the seat wiring. The grey plugs will just swop over. If you would like the how to please send us a pm.
Cheers Nick.
I am going to give it a clean up and will post some pics. It is pretty standard apart from the previous owner fitted some rear parking sensors. They done a good job though. They took apart the screen and fitted it in the sun visor. The leather seats I am looking are out of a V reg cougar. Does these mean they will not fit because they will have different plugs. Could I cut the plugs off my old seats and wire them onto the V reg leather seats if that makes sense.

Shiney Shiney - we like shiney. Nice looking Cat there Davidoff - hard to believe that a 10 year old car can look that good (y)
Yes it was a fair old drive to get the car but its in very good condition for the year. Also it has tonnes of history and any work that has needed doing has been done. So I am chuffed to bits