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Optional Fancy Dress


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Sep 11, 2004
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Are we going for optional fancy dress on the saturday again? The wife's badgering me!!:):):)
Does this mean my Borat mankini could be getting a second outing? It was such a hit at the christening (y)
We were in two minds about Fest until talking to Rich, Ria, Mofo and Al yesterday. So we'll get our thinking caps on for outfits lol :eek: :eek:
I don't think that Phil will be disappointed anyway. Especially if there are scantily clad women there.
From the look of some of the people who turned up a couple of years ago, I thought fancy dress was mandatory!! :)


sorry guys I have to bow out this year, It took too much guts last year and caused a little to much embarrassment for me and kully, ( more due to excessive drink to stem nerves than anything else.) But will still have a giggle with you all. Or at you depending on what takes the fancy lol