Pid_16V 'Uncle Al'.


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Mar 26, 2008
Welwyn Garden City
I am absolutely gutted that an absolute legend and a true gent has left us. Just thinking back to some of the great stories the best one was when scunny set fire to vonnys kitchen and she let him have it.

You will be greatly missed mate and the only saving grace is that your now all back together.

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Jan 3, 2014
Been away from the site for awhile and just read through the thread, my initial joy of hearing Al had finally gone in for treatment and had come through ok was immediately crushed by hearing of his passing, a warm and genuine person that will be sadly missed by all that knew him and will leave a big space in the club, I am deeply sad , RIP Al.


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Aug 29, 2013
eaton socon
im... just speechless ,dont know what to say.
i met him only a couple of times and always though about him on the way home about what he'd said and thought what a lovely helpfull bloke he was..

id hoped to see him again next year but now theirs gonna be someone REALLY important missing ,its not gonna be the same here without him..
RIP Alan :cry:


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Sep 4, 2016
This was one of our special times with Al at the RAF Cosford Meet 2018

The October sun had been blinding as we'd walked into the hanger and Lee had just said to me that he'd almost spoken to the cardboard cutout because she had looked so real. We had been laughing about this when Alan came up to us and said that he had just smiled at the same cutout.


It is moments like this one that we want to remember the lovely Al by ❤️ You will be missed so much :cry:


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Nov 16, 2021
Hi guys.
My sister has alerted me to this thread so I thought I would take a look.

I should introduce myself I guess.
My name is Adie, I am Vonnys son and obviously Alan's step son. Sadly I moved to Hong Kong 5 years ago so didn't get to see mum and Alan as much as I would have liked but popped home when I could to see them both, the last time I saw Alan was a few weeks before my mum's passing, I could see the pain in his eyes but he never let it show outwardly, that was the kind of man he was, always caring more about others than himself.
I can honestly say I have never met a more genuine, selfless, warm hearted man than the man who I am proud to say shaped many of the decisions I made in my earlier years.
His knowledge on so many different subjects was amazing, I remember him joining the cougar club, it injected another fun aspect in his life, he always spoke so highly of you guys, to get my mum camping took some doing but she loved every meet up she attended, thank you for making her feel so welcome in what was a unfamiliar setting for her.
Anyway enough waffling from me, I'd just like to say thank you all for your kind words for an amazing man.
I'm sure he is reunited with mum and Lisa now and getting an ear bashing from them both like he always did.

To say I am moved by what I have read is an understatement, he indeed was an incredible man in ever respect.
Take care everybody


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Aug 3, 2008
South Glos.
Hello Adie, many thanks for getting in touch and for the wonderful comments.
Your Mum and step dad were fabulous people, much loved by the members of this club.
Due to COVID we were unable to give Vonny the send-off she so rightly deserved but I'm sure whatever tributes have, and will be, paid to Al can equally be applied to your Mum.
They will both live long in the memory of UKCougar.


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Feb 6, 2011
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To be honest I never knew Al's family beyond what he (or anyone else) chose to tell me, and I never knew anything about Vonny other than my own friendship with her.

My point is that I am very glad to hear from you here, Adie. I know that she didn't like to be in front of the camera, so I hope this not only captures her spirit bt also her wishes...


I'll repost this as well:



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Sep 25, 2006
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Adie, your Mum and Stepdad were not just friends to many people on here, they were Family.
This club wouldn't be what it is without Al and Vonny, we spent many hours, stood somewhere, sober or not lol just waffling about stuff that we thought was good, and what we all enjoyed.
The last time I saw Von we had a mutual recognition that it would probably be the last time we shared a destroyed me, utterly, but I didn't show it, and gave Von one of my usual TopCat hugs, and She broke.......just a little. I, as others do, love them as family, and always will......... they will always be in our memories, somewhere, somehow.
It's still haunting me how two of the most lovely people i've ever had the privilege to call friends, were taken from us in such a very short space of time.

I picture all 3 of them looking down and saying 'eee ya daft buggers, stick kettle on and have a brew'.........

I'll miss them both...............................


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Nov 16, 2021
Thank you guys.
Unfortunately I can't get over for Alan's funeral as Hong Kong is being ridiculous with 21 days quarantine upon return, my work just wouldn't allow me to be away that long. I'd have happily shared a drink with you all while reminiscing about mum and Alan if I was able.
I remember flying straight back to England when my sister told me about my mum's diagnosis in the October, I only had the weekend so flew in on the Friday and out on the Monday, such a short space of time to try and articulate how I was feeling, to be fair though it would probably have gone straight over my mum's head 😂
I was lucky enough to see her and Alan again at Christmas that year, I'm not even sure it sunk in that it may be the last time for mum, let alone Alan.
Anyway thanks again guys.
Take care of yourselves


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Remembering some fun times with Privates Pid and Vonny at Fest many moons ago. RIP Uncle Al & Vonny. Much love View attachment 20025
Aww that was one of my fondest memories of Vonny, marched them round from the toilet block and she broke rank so I shouted at her for desertion, she spent the rest of the weekend protesting that she wasn’t a deserter lol even Uncle Al wound her up for deserting, many great times with 2 special friends

Ann mosley

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Nov 19, 2021
Hi everyone my name is Ann . I am vonnys daughter / Alans step daughter .
I wanted to introduce myself and say how much I appreciate all your lovely kind words for Alan and my mum . Hearing so many wonderful memories that you all have of them brings me to tears but also fills my heart with love . I know how much your club meant to them both and I would always love hearing and laughing at some of the times you shared together . I can always remember the time that my mum dressed up as a clown 🤡 when Alan showed me the photos I laughed so much, those boots were bigger than her 🤣🤣. I think its fair to say that they were very special to us all and like many of you have mentioned they are going to be greatly missed but the thing that gives me a bit of peace is knowing that mum, Alan and Lisa will be together again and free from all the pain and suffering that they had at the end . The world will definitely be a sadder place without them and if I'm honest I still haven't got over losing my mum and now Alan's gone too 😢 life can be so cruel . I am looking forward to meeting some of you / their other family at Alan's funeral albeit on a sad note and after at the legion where we are going to be remembering mum and Alan with not being able to have the send off that mum deserved .
Take care everyone .


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Jul 9, 2014
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I feel extremely fortunate to have met Al at a Christmas dinner a few years ago, and I feel privileged to be a part of this community that he was such a huge part of. I've always found difficult to integrate more with this community, so I've only known Al in a digital sense, but he was always full of praise or advice whenever I posted regarding my first car. It was always nice to receive, especially as when it came to modifying a car, his was the first I'd compare mine to. I never got anywhere close.

He's had a desperately tough few years, and I've admired his spirit and resolve. He never seemed to lose hope, and always looked to the next chapter. I hope he is at peace with his loved ones. It's lovely to see that he's so fondly remembered here, and will always continue to be

I apologise for not posting sooner. I've learned of this today, and by browsing the forum has the news reached me.