Re-Badged Opinions Please!



Hey guys i've taken the letters off the back of my cougar and have got some new ones from ebay, i was wondering what you guys think.

Heres a couple of examples i've seen one being smaller cougar letters spread out the other being larger letters with mercury instead.

Mine is a mix version of the two but im undecided if it looks good and unique or slightly OTT?
I know its about if i like it or not but i dont want to drive around with it looking silly and being just thinking "what a dick" :D.

The letters arn't that straight as they are just blue tacked in place but any suggestions or thaughts are more than welcome!
Mine =
I think it looks a bit like the new mustangs have on the back :>

You should take the Blue Ford Ovals off as well and get yourself a new rear end badge. There are lots of options to pick from and can be obtained from eBay US or Forum members.
Looks OK does that mate. A little OTT for me, but I'm a 'subtle and understated' type of guy. Here's a pic of mine (the V6 badge has since been removed and relocated to the front wing under the side repeater) for comparison. I used the original spec lettering, bought brand new from Casscougar, and spaced them out a little from standard. Much as I'd love to take all the credit for this, I got the spacing measurements from Pid_16V.

how about u don't follow suit and do what u feel is best suited to ur car?

i don't understand why people don't like having the ford badges on?
My personal opinion is the one below would look good mate as the V6 to one side means the boot does not balance out

V 6​

or you could copy me and go for

C O U G A R .........................................ST200​

how about u don't follow suit and do what u feel is best suited to ur car?

i don't understand why people don't like having the ford badges on?

It's what its all about innit :) Go for what you feel is "right" you might change your mind later, i mean, when i think of the different badges/logos etc that have been on my cat, lol, i think i finally settled now. As for the lettering, large blocky fonts like you have, do need to be well spaced, so although the lettering isn't for me, i reckon you have the spread just about right (y)
Martyn, i think it's the same old " preference" thing mate, look at "neco", over there they all want the "mercury" badges OFF :LOL:
This should give you a fair idea as to how it will look - think my lettering is a liitle closer together (and obviously think silver instead of gold) :geek:

id like the cougar emblem on the brake light does any1 know were to get them not the word cougar but the head.
Personally I'm not into too much stuff on rear end, as think can look cluttered. Each to their own, but the way you have set yours out looks ok. It's about having something individual as well as being pleasing to your eye.
Thanks everyone for their input! I've finally found the perfect combination for me i think :) Will post up a pic when im done.