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Sep 10, 2007
This old lady was looking her age when we bought her a few weeks ago. But with a few new parts and some tlc she's back to her best. Brought back loads of memories whilst doing her up.







Just the pure joy of a carb old school ford. Paint work a mile deep. it was a real blast from the past. Put some serious man hours into her but the result was worth all the sweat. I even had the cougar gurn whilst driving her for MOT today which she passed without any advisories.
Sunburst xr3i is next for the treatment but unfortunatly not ours.
got to admit i do miss my old mrk4 xr3i basic but easy to work on,my last xr3i was one of the last built so had the factory left overs fitted to her,rs spoilers cossie alloys,was in diamond white and did look lovely
£1,000 with 12months mot & tax til december It has few minor mods ,Recaro's,ITG Green filter & Ashley exhaust 4 good tyres. If the guy on saturday doesn't want it it will be going on fleabay.
It has had 2 new wings ,passenger door and tailgate.
Lovely old school Fezza. My first car was a MKII, unfortunately it was only a 950 popular plus, very many happy memories none the less. :)
Sold yesterday full asking price . guy drove away gurning like a not right. I must admit she looked stunning.
Nice one mate, those old XR2's were quite something in their day, although still not bad now. That one looked in good nick for it's age - bet the new owner is as pleased as punch.
ahhh the memories..same colour and age as the one i had.....good car after the bottom end was repaired..also had a white one ...never had a 2i though.....looking good(y)
An old work colleague up in Lincoln (worked at Starglaze) used to have a silver one - which was totally mad - he had done all sorts of work under the bonnet and had a race clutch in it as well as a full Janspeed exhaust system. That thing was lightning quick and would give most boy racers a run for their money - I almost bought it - wish I had, but that was then and this is now.
I keep looking for an orion i ghia to do as a project. but it would have to be the mk1 but at the mo we are trying to clear some cars . The 2ltr 4x4 cougar is on ebay at the moment on a 10 day listing. But i would never sell my v6 fourby it's my baby.