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The Cougarfest Bandom Ranter Thread 2010

Load up, Ria walked in dressed in her fancy dress costume and I wanted to unload mine, whatever that means
:) Rich ;)

Well i've just finished uploading some tunes to my phone:music:, should be something for everyone:angel:....plus a few to annoy Kully :LOL: ...I'll never get in the KSL-Clique at this rate:geek:

Sounds like the rain has stopped for the time being....:stop: but wait i've seen chances of a Thunderstorm at about 7pm tomorrow ..... a repeat of last year :oops: ....oh well who cares i'll have a beer in hand by then:beer::beer: ....cya L8trs:sleep::sleep::sleep:
All you lightweights in bed, I dunno, take it no one has fest fever then?

Yeh right Mr KSL, you've got up for a slash and thought you'd post for some extra kudos tonight when you can claim you've been up since 3.30am!! "Look on the forum!"
He is fast asleep right now snoring his pretty little head off bless him might go kick him soon.