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The fest aftermath!


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Jul 29, 2005
BE11 3ND
Thanks, complaints etc in here please!

Thanks to everyone that came and made it the fantastic weekend it was!
One of the best Fests.
Thanks to JJ, Kully and Matt for the usual 'making it all happen', RichB for the cake and water slide, Alan for doing my side lights, Mo for the curry goat, everyone else for being such good company and entertainment!

Complaint: It didn't last long enough!
Well just got in found out I am a lovely golden brown colour awesome, the new shower block few niggles but much much improved over last years first time at Grendon made it more than acceptable conditions for a camping weekend and a lot less hassle, mattress rides = fantastic, water slide = awesome, the people amazing did not here one cimplaint or moan the whole three days saw everybody without exception laughing at antics and smiling to the newbs who braved turning up fair bloody play it can be very daunting turning up to a meet not knowing anyone but I think I got to speak to almost all of you guys & girls and I hope you all enjoyed it special mention to mr and mrs hippy for getting right stuck in with the group as soon as they arrived both brilliant characters and really hope to see you both at a few more meets.

Complaints just the two, ended far too soon and more people should have got off their backsides and made the effort you missed the best meet I have been to period and it was all thanks to the people who made the effort to come you really do make the club the place it is.

Oh and thanks to the Scots for coming down it is a big journey so well done to you guys for such a impressive effort.

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

JJ & Kat
Awesome (y), one word says it all, cougerfest 2010, best yet, watching you guys shredding yourselves on the waterslide, best thing ive seen all year. thank you to all who made us feel so welcome, nice to meet you all again and to get to meet and talk to the newer owners. "never has so much beer been drunk in such a short space of time".
heres to 2011.
Cheers, Hornet & Chris
Just want to say a big thanks to everyone for making the 'newbs' feel so welcome, we both had a great time and have met some great people. It's really good to be able to put some faces to the names on here :)
Thanks also has to go to everyone that was involved in the organisation, without you guys it wouldn't have been what it was.
For those new members that didn't go (and those old ones who didn't too), you missed a fantastic weekend and I would certainly recommend you going next year.

I look forward to the next do we can get along to (not sure which one yet) and sharing more beer/stories with you all.
Just landed home, what an epic weekend, without doubt one of the best weekends I have ever had, and shared in the company of people who (with one exception being Dar1976) until Friday afternoon were complete strangers to me. As soon as me and the short one landed we were welcomed and made to feel welcome.

JJ, Kully, and anyone else who had a hand in the organisation of 'Fest, you dudes deserve real kudos, 100%. Rich, the cake was truly awesome, and Mo, that curry was beautiful! Mr Hippy, Alan, Dar, Dick, Tim, and anyone else who had their heads in bits trying to find a rattle in my door, thanks so, so much for helping out. Bob & Dusty, I've not laughed as hard as that for a long time whenever those guys were involved in anything, and Mrs. Hippy was really cool and took it all in good fun when the previous evening's drink related faux pas was being relived.

Everyone we met at 'Fest were top, top people, good fun, and all up for a giggle. I would have no qualms about spending the weekend in a field in Northampton with them again.

Thanks guys (y)
Keep an eye out for all the pics n vids!!
Photobucket is gonna get hammered lol
JJ Kully, nice one dudes, keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!! or else!!! lol
Really good to meet everyone, and had THE MOST fun for a very long time!!!
I now officially ache in places i forgot lol
Cheers guys n gals ;-)
I love you guys! Seriously you rock! Fantastic weekend - priceless entertainment, warm welcome and you all give excellent hugs! I didn't even mind being the 'butt' of everyone's jokes this morning. I am NEVER drinking again!! Ooo I just found a pear cider left in one of the bags!!
  • Thanks to Kully and Bob (Angleman) for making me laugh till I nearly cried :LOL:
  • Thanks for JJ, Kully, Matt (Cougarfella) for organizing the fest
  • Thanks to Rich & Ria B for the cake
  • Thanks to Alan & Vonny Pidduck for the bacon baps on Saturday morning
  • Thanks to Tim for controling the weather (y)
  • Thanks again to Alan & Manos for jump-starting my car on Saturday :giggle:
  • Thanks to everyone for putting up with my "cheesy Tunes" on Saturday Night
  • Thanks be to god that we had such a good time
Awesome Weekend

Guys'n'Girls that was the best weekend I've had for a long time thanks to Kully for bending my arm and making me come up Friday gooooooooood move (y)

And a big thanks to all for organizing the fest

BTW Ria your photo's are safe with me :eek:
can only aggree with all thats been said above, what a wicked time, thanks to all for the most laughing i have done in months,

stretched out at home now with my daughter, but already looking forward to doing again :)
Had a superb time this year and a huge thanks to everyone for allyhe hard work you guys put into organising it. I promise next year I will hand my keys over to Kully as soon as I park up
Got to say thanks again Dave for "fixing" my door locking issue again deliberately left my car parked as I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves but really appreciated you breaking out the tools to have a look and sorting it for me.