This week I R been mostly


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Oct 22, 2008
Gosport (pompy)
I have the whole of next week booked off work to work on the cat, loads of little things and a few big ones two...side skirts for one :ihih:

Pics and whittering will be posted here on a daily update :yesnod::sleep:
To day I R been mostly frustrated...

Well dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 11, yes i know but i was a bit poorly yesterday and slept loads so couldent sleep last night hense the lay-in.

So I though the first job to try was the spray window tint for my rear sides, some people have seen the loft insulation sound deadining in my car which is not a cool look.


This did'nt go well :mad2: There was not a lot of room to get a good spray and the stuff just ran. Oh well i have a plan to fix it.

Next job was to loose the boot lettering ready for the new letters i got a few weeks ago.


Appart from my T Cut has vanished all was well, the letters came off easily with a credit card and some bug/tar remover cleaned up the residue.

I really need to sort out the boot...

However the amps are on eBay at the mo and the new more powerful ones are soon to be ordered to I am not wasting time on this until I have everything thats going in.
I may sor a mounting position for the 4 chan on the floor as that is staying (JJ just upgraded the 4 chan to a PowerPlant 800w :ihih:)

I then went on to my side skirts which have been sat in my room for months waiting to be finished and fitted. Got them out side and gave them a wet-n-dry, just need one more coat of silver and lots of laqueror.


Started to look at changing my pollen filter but could'nt find the stupid right sized torque bit to undo the bolts :mad2: Note to self must have a tool sort out and get organised.

a quick and easy job i wanted done was cloth covre the plastic door sill trim so did that without problems :LOL:




And thats about it for today, there are still lots of things on the list so the week will be full.
Nice mate the power plants are well nice for the dosh, you keeping the subs for now and running more power to them?.

I know how you feel every time I start one "simple" job it turns in to a massive ball ache altho I do have a dash half in the car now lmao.

All the subs and amps are on eBay, going to JBL GT5 12"s and 3 Vibe A4 amps 500wrms per sub 3000W total :mad5::yikes:(y)

Oh parts of my dash will be out this week too lol

And the PP cost me 7 quid in the end as a mate brought my EN 4 chan for 40 and the PP was 47 ;)
Should sound a lot better Chris for sure the JBL's are top bits of kit for the price!, you redoing the box or going to just use this one with care for now and rebuild for next year?.

I think the box is sound, will be putting a second sheet of 18mm on the rear before mounting the amps. I wont be able to play much above 1K until I get a second battery or two.
Looking good there Chris - although your day sounds as frustrating as mine with far too many "rain stops play"s :frown2:

Looking forward to seeing what's coming up for the rest of the week (y)

Gonna start my own thread as to what I R mostly been doing this week but I bet it won't be a patch on yours mate :D
I know how you feel every time I start one "simple" job it turns in to a massive ball ache altho I do have a dash half in the car now lmao.

Sounds like me Jas, I start something thats supposed to take 5 minutes and 5 hours later i'm still pulling my hair out to get it fixed :D:(

Looking good Chris (y)
Today I R been mostly painting...

Got up and went to Halfords (30 of vouchers to spend) Got a few bots i needed paint, tape....

Fixed the mess that was my rear window and then the other and while i was at it i did the rear window. (dont want scallys looking in the back at my amps and thinking mmm i could nick that)


Had to loos the .com internal stickers as the tint spray ruined one yesterday so i need some external ones now.


mmm 100% tint very sexy :yesnod:


And yes my cougar is now unsellable as the "tint" is hammerite paint :LOL::LOL::LOL:

After feeling rather please with myself I moved on the the side skirts again, bit chilly for spray painting but managed.


one coat of silver and several coats of laquer.


I am now getting nice and high on fumes as they are drying in my bed room over night.

tomorrow I have to pop down the post office and then I can start polishing them up ready to fit :D
Good Idea on the hammerite dude, mine are already tinted but you can still see through them slightly so I may follow that idea as it will not matter as it will be painted on the tint!, did you paint the rear screen too??.

Hammerite?? :eek6::yikes: I mean it looks great...but wouldn't do that to mine, think will stick to getting it professionaly tinted using film. I think with what you have in the back of your Coug you've done the right thing (y)