Time to start cutting her up !


Barry Harker

Hi Guys how have you all been.

Iv been trawling the Internet for parts, spending money and planning what to cut and chop on my 2nd Cat.

going to Order 4 new GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 225/55/16's Next week. and then Spray the wheels two Pack black and white letter the Tyres Again. Also planning to lower it this time and squeze the Rubber under the Arches ! should have the K&N Induction system turning up Weds, and then get the full Duel Stainless fitted in a few weeks time "which i'm really looking forward to !"
I have also started to make the master for the new bonnet "Air induction Scoop" so time to start getting plasterd in fibre glass soon.

Heres a few photos of the Bumper Design I did last time...........







However, as much as I liked the "NASCAR" look I did last time,

Im also considering something a bit more Simple this time in the shape of a SCCA TRANS-AM style front Spoiler/Air Dam
like that of the 60's 70's Trans-Am Race Cars................




Those Trans-Am Racers looked Bloody Smart ! maybe go the whole hog with the body work on the Cat,
and deck it it out in full race trim sponsor logos and paint !

yea im gonna spend a few Grand on Her !

P.s how cool does this Gran Torino look !.................

MMMM Daytona yellow and NASCAR Wheels, its making me Drool !

All the best Guys,

Looking forward to seeing the progress with your Cat Barry, I'm sure it will be an interesting journey.

This one for me fits the lines of the cougar niceley or the one similar to this without the fogs looks like the new focus style.

To be honest I think they all look like big shapeless slabs. The muscle car styling is totally out of place on a 90s design too.

I think the one Jason likes is probably the one with most potential, but I think you need much bigger cut outs to break up the huge vast nothingness. Maybe some Focus ST foglamps and surrounds?


(You did ask for opinions...) :LOL:
Hmm interesting...........

Cheers for your opinions Chaps.

and Jamie Duff,

I see what you mean by the Focus styling, if you like that sort of thing thats great.
I on the other hand dont like it, it looks to fussy and theres to much going on for my liking.
"very Boy Racer"

Ihave been in an American Car Club for many years and around a lot of Hot Rods and Custom Cars.
so I guess my mind set is Different to most, I think the 90's Styling can be added to with an "old school" Aproach

the reason I styled the front bumper in the way I did last time was becuase I'm a big fan of Nascar



Some people love these cars "mostly yanks !" and some hate them.
I like the slab flat styling of these cars and may go a step closer to this look on the sides and back of the Cougar.
Ithink the two door Coupe shape looks very close to the Nascar style.
and........it will look very diffrent to any other Cougar out there, and not to everyone's taste !
"which I like"
and if you dont like that styling you will like these even less !

Another idea I have had is to go down the "SALT FLATS RACER" Route. lower the Car, bolt on some moon disks and some minor "slab styling"
and maybe even a coat of "mat primer" in Biege or grey to throw in a bit of "HOT ROD" Touch to it !
Dark Grey Primer on the Cougar would make it look a bit "Sleathy" with the New Edge Styling.


lots of Ideas and not sure which route to take yet.
but it will have a change of colour..............and it will be a matt Blue or Black, or dark grey primer !
that much I have decided on

"it wont look like any other Cougar out there and most wont like it" but it will be diffrent !


thanks for your valued comments Jamie and everyone else.

All the best Chaps.

Pic 1 or pic 6 for me. I'm afraid I have to disagree with Jamie on the Focus ST thing, Barry's idea is to get a Nascar-inspired look not to make it 'fit' politely with Ford's current styling.
Excellent ideas Barry, I'm loving that Darth Vader look, your design gives the front end. (y)

I can see what Jamie means about the gap at the front, if you like the look but don't like the gap, this could possibly be easily overcome with some blingy grill mesh to break up that gap in the middle?
Not to my liking at all, but if I had to choose, then it would be pic #6. At least there is still some "cougar" at the front. But good luck with the work Barry, you definately don't do things by half mate. (y)
Your ideas are actualy somewhat like the "New Edge" feel of the C2 in a way......although TBH that Trans Am spoiler is "GASH" as JJ would put it ;) remember Trans-Ams are GM (a nice blue one came down my road today, god it was loud, but the guy was only doing a three point turn!) I'd go with your original designe but make the intake a little wider.

A C2 Front end for comparison (namely my car)
C2 with wings west front spoiler. (similar to one of your ideas)
And the Cougar-S style front end
Mercury MC2 Concept front end detail

And finaly a TOY Cougar from Hot Wheels that I own, maybe this will give you some ideas ;)
Thanks for your Comments Guys,

Yea its going to be a lot more work this time but thats half the fun ! and I like the fact that it will look Different to any other Cougar "once its finished !"

Hello GINGA,

TRANS-AM..........GM ?

your right on one part of it, GM "PONTIAC" Division Bought the name TRANS-AM and the right to use it form the Racing Homalogation,
it stands for Trans Continental American Racing Series. and was a hot bed of action for the big manurfactures in the mid 60's and early 70's
and FORD came out of that Series on top with the most wins and Championships



so in a sense, it should of been the "Ford Mustang Trans-am" !

as the Pontiacs didnt actully do that well, but they pulled of a marketing sales coup by buying the name for thier new "muscle car".

and heres another bit of history for you,

in 1967 ford entered three Bud moore Mercury Cougars and they were winning every thing !
however in 1969 ford decided to back the Mustang teams and dropped the Cougar.

"the original Cougar was a Mustang floor pan and chassis, just a different Body. classed as a more up market Muscle Car under the Mercury Division".





in 1967 The Cougars won out right and no one could touch them ! shame ford backed the mustang,
Imagin how strong the Brand would have been if Ford put the effort into the Cougar as much as they did the Mustang !

Take a look at some of the Videos on You tube, and turn the sound up ! they are amazing !

2008 Monterey Historics Trans Am Race Challenger #77 Part 1 YouTube.

All the best,


Why is the name Parnelli Jones coming into my head whilst reading this? Was he not a big star of yesteryear who had a car rebuilt for him on a TV show too?
Barry I like the ones with the foglights in them! Its nice to see something different on a cougar apart from the regulation Roush and Drifter kits. No offence to the people that have these as they are nice kits but I really ike the ideas Barry has come up with..

Its all about being individual and if you like it I say go for it!!

And ignore Mr Duff he is just grumpy because he owns a sensible car :LOL:
I like the fact something different is being done to does make a very refreshing change whether I like how it ends up looking or not matters not as its not my car but certainly interested to see the end results, your other cougar when I first looked tbh I thought how "gash" lol but the more I looked at it the more appealing it was very strange but I really like how the old one looked so hope this one turns out as individual and as nice looking.

Have to organise a little get together dude I am only in Oldbury which is not far from you at all.