Trying my best to own one :s


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Jun 15, 2010
Having some trouble finding the right one for me. I want it in Black, X-Pack with the Leather Interior and upto 80K on the clock. I have a £1800 budget but just cant find anything on Ebay or Auto Trader that looks decent. PLEASE HELP, I WANT ONE and my car has just packed in. Any tips would be amazing! im going to look at one tomorrow but it hasnt advertised the X-Pack and its in Silver which is fine but i wanted black originally, but the colour seems scarce over the silver. Its Silver, 78K, Leather Interior, Looks tidy, CD Multi Changer, it says Cruise Control but im a bit skeptical about this as i couldnt see any buttons on the steering wheel and its a manual.

Appreciate any advice

Thanks, i will take this viewing tomorrow a bit more seriously now. Its in Silver which is great, just black was the first choice. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day the cougar comes home.

thanks again
Hi Chris and welcome to I can understand your frustration, like most of us who at one time or another were in the same boat as you are now. Golden rule as for any car is, take your time, don't dive at the first thing you see, no doubt you worked hard for that cash, so don't chuck it at a pig. If the one you see isnt right for you, walk away, if you have any doubts, walk away. Cats are rare but there are plenty out there for sale, just be patient and bide your time. Try to get an indepentent mechanic to go with you, preferebly one who actually knows what a cougar is, and always insist on a test drive. (y)
Thanks again for the great advice, i unfortunately wont be able to take an independent mechanic down with me as the drive is around 2 1/2 hours to guildford south of the M25. I dont want to rush it at all but my car has just packed it in and is not worth fixing, so im looking for a nice Cat with the spec i want which this has just the colour is not the one i wanted, i guess black is popular. I have found a few on eBay and Auto Trader but all of which seem to have been treated like ****, dents and no service history all worried me too much. Had a really nice on lined up last week but the guy sold it before i could get down there with the money :( gonna give this one tomorrow a go. Fingers Crossed, its a nice example i think (any thoughts)

many thanks guys
Shame I am working tomorrow or else i could have popped up to Guildford to help you. Bad timing as I was actualy up there last Wednesday with nothing to do whilst the other halfs car had a CAM belt and full service from my uncles garage.

Good luck
Aw gutted, well thanks for the thought, appreciate it, gonna grab a subscription here i think, may need a bit of help getting the spoiler sorted and wheels figured out etc i have plans for this one, my first car that i can do stuff with. Have always had little run around cars whilst at school and uni, now just finished uni im ready for a bit of an upgrade and to put my stamp on it.

Look forward to talking more with y'all

What time are you going to see it, as I'm in Woking in the afternoon, so could pop over to Guildford.

EDIT: just checked the pics, and it definitely doesn't have cruise control, so you can knock them on price for that.
Im not entirely sure what time to be honest as im going down to visit my grandfather in hospital with my dad so im not 100% sure what time we will be heading over. Dad has a bit of knowledge on cars but obviously not on the Cougar specifically. Its a really generous offer i just dont want to put you out by you making a journey and i get stuck at the hospital longer than anticipated and you ending up with a wasted journey.

Will definitely get them on the cruise control, thanks for that one, anything else stand out?

Thanks a million Stribo
Can't tell alot from the pics unfortunately, though it's almost out of petrol. :LOL: Have PM'd my mobile number, if you're there in the afternoon, don't hesitate to give me a bell.
Make sure it has both keys, as that looks to be the non-remote 'service' key in the ignition. It should also have a 3 button remote key. It's easy enough to make spare/duplicate keys if you have the two originals but a complete ballache if you only have one.
Yea mate just got it and sent ya a little reply, what was your name or if i phone shall i just call you Stribo :D
How soon and what price there dyg?? as im going down to look at a potential buy tomorrow?? lovin the picture by the way v interested
At the moment the gearbox is not working mate but we are looking at a fix this weekend if it is what we think it is then it should be up for sale in a couple if weeks max we will know more on sat afternoon.

For the condition and service history etc we would be looking for 2k prob a bit less for a member

keep an eye on my green c2 thread as we will chuck up some photos and details about the car this weekend as well

it even has a full tank of petrol!!!!! Lol
LOL!! Cheers mate, would be well interested, now you got me thinking if i should even bother going tomorrow to look at this other one. What does the C2 come with on it?? im really interested as it looks really nice and i like the colour, good mileage and FSH is awesome, price is right, i just need it ASAP lol as my current car is not running now :s but i will def keep an eye on yours and i guess if you could keep me in the loop that would be awesome. Do you reckon its better to wait and keep my eye out here for a Cat or go for something like the one i had planned on looking at tmz

thanks mate