V6 Frosty with a few Gentle mods




Just thought I would post a few pics of where I am at with our Frosty. Not very radical I know but my wife still needs to use it to take the kids to school!!

Side View
Shows smoked repeaters, red callipers and side profile of spoiler. Also metal cougar badges that I got from JEZPORT on the rear quarters (similar idea to Fiat Coupe :wink: I hope).


Front View
Replaced front badge.


Back View
Spoiler, light covers, centre light cover, repositioning of letters and stainless exhaust.


I am sure you are all thinking that the match to Frost silver is pants :LOL: but this is intentional. I wanted the spoiler in a graphite grey as I always like the contrast of the spoiler on my classic Saab 900 Turbo. I decided to do the lights the same as I liked the effect that you got on the Megane convertibles that had dark surrounds to the lights.

The exhaust was on the car when I got it and seems very good. Sounds absolutely standard till 3000 revs then really opens up.

So there you have it either as I hope a good start or heaven forbid a Frankenstein selection of styling features. :eek:

Next its time to get some 17" wheels. 215/45/17 would fit the bill as the existing ones are a bit kerbed and the tyres have only got a couple of K left on them.

In the next installment I will post a pic of the comedy gear knob it came with and how it nearly caused me to write the car off. :LOL:

Cheers R
Looks very nice mate, i like it!
Nice idea with the cat cadges on the side!!

As for 17's you know you want a nice set of 18's really to fill those arches ;)

Keep up the good work!
Hi Mat,

Trying to get my head round the whole upsizing tyre thing. Am I right in thinking that If I get 18" wheels then I will have to get lower profile tyres ( 215/40 18 ) so that the outside diameter of the wheels will be the same as the stock wheels and tyres.

When you talk about filling the arches better I presume you then mean that the ratio of the alloys to the rubber on the outside is greater even though the combined tyre and wheel combo is the same.
Did that make sense? :)

Cheers R

Thanks for confirming that.

So I could mask off 1 inch of tyre all around the wheels and spray the rest with chrome paint and I would look like a Harlem Pimp :LOL:

I bet thats what white walls were all about :wink:
Most of us with 18" wheels go for 225/40/18 tyres just for a little bit more sidewall for pot holes, less firm ride etc. That size does increase the circumference a little but it's still within the recommended percentage.

However, the gap between the tyre and arches will be much more noticeable but a good set of lowering springs cures this. :LOL:
Ah Lowering springs!!

I will let my wife get used to the bigger wheels before i drop the car lower. I am afraid that I may have to be creative with my reasoning. Especially, as I presume the next step is changing the dampers for something more in keeping with the springs....................

FlamencoAssassin said:
Best to get the dampers done at the same time as the labour involved is the same for fitting both. :wink:

Your reasoning will be the tremendously improved handling and stance of the cat.
Remember the painful grin you had when you first got the cat, prepare for more pain. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Highly recommended dampers available here.... :wink:

:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: sometimes it hurts :? :LOL: :LOL:
I really like the originality mate :D I think the grey light covers and spoiler works really well with the silver. I think the car looks really good 8)

Could you post some more pictures of the badges on the windows please? I really like that idea :wink:
Thanks to all for the kind words.

I have attached a closer pic of the side badges.

As I said these were metal ones bought from Jezport. Lucky for me when I bought them he only had a left and a right handed one not two the same which means both are now facing forward. :D

I used a round needle file to make sure that the pins on the back were completely flat (used a flat piece of glass to make sure that the badges did not rock on the pins when layed down).

I then used a piece of wooden dowl and a bit of gentle pressure to put a slight curve on the badges so that they would be completely flush to the glass all round.

Applied a good bead of silicon sealer with a chisele ended paint brush to the rear of the badge and then put it in place. The silicon squirted out of the sides but I left it till it was dry and removed it with the tip of a wooden skewer so I did not scratch the glass.


This was my last project:
20 yr old Saab 900 Turbo. I restored it to be as near original as possible so just going freestyle on the Cougar is a nice change.


Thanks for your info on the badges :D I'll keep that mod in mind.

Keep up the grey and silver theme I really like it :D

Looks like a mint Saab :wink:
I like the rear v6 cougar badges where they are positioned....

I'm gonna do that. Any tips from taking the old ones off - did you reuse them or get new?

BTW I've just got two of those head badges off ebay for ?ú20 inc postage. Was thinking of putting them under the side repeaters but the glass looks good!!!
Taking the V6 and cougar letters off is best done when they are warm. Use a hair dryer (not a paint stripper). Should be able to ease them off with your finger nails. If you have a problem get some dental floss behind the letters and use a sawing motion.

The letters can be re-used just use a finger nail to clean the foam off the back of them.

I had considered putting the badges under the repeaters. If you do that you will have to do the trick of gentle bending them (mentioned earlier in the post) to get them to follow the curve of the panel.

Good luck.

P.S pick a coupls of dry days to restick them or you will end up doing the job twice (like i did)